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Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Noise cancelling sleep masks?
chrismastin 11
Traveling with just a smart phone.
seacoastpet 22
Using a Verizon network smartphone in "pay-as-you-go" mode in Europe
SteveM 15
Camera vs new iPhone
twilt 30
Portable charger
diveloonie... 11
Bad Behavior of Phone GPS
Rosalyn 12
Mobile Passport
Roger 21
Looking for an English to French dictionary That does not require being online
Joe 8
Greece cell phones with Consumer Cellular?
monica 4
Best place to purchase SIM card in Dublin?
tgreen 0
Portable WiFi devices
cindy 5
Google Maps Options - Bigger Roads Only?
Nelly 15
Citymaps2go app free July 13 only
Nicole P 10
Noise cancelling convert
Nicole P 11
Travelling to London, Paris, & Dublin - what sim?
darrel.lauren... 6
Call forwarding from US mobile number to European Sim number
mikerho2 13
Creating Phone numbers from other countries using Google Voice??
Bets 1
Amazon Prime Day - Bose QC25 on sale $125
Rocket 9
TextNow app allows free calls to European landline numbers
Ken77 3
Cell phone for extended use in Switzerland
seashellsflowers 1
Buying SIM card in Frankfurt Airport and Using in Germany and Switzerland
Packy 1
Amazon's many International SIM cards. Do they work in Europe?
wayfaringwoman 13
Translation apps?
David 10
Tele lens for iPhone
l.p.enersen 4
Google hangouts, vodafone, and a big shout out to Andrew H!
Ruth 7
vandrabrud 13
Phone photos instead of camera, storage question.
kknipfel 8
High speed access for computer
metahedda 5
Hotels in Berlin, Germany
rgriffin7 6
Check to see if your phone is unlocked: buy a prepaid SIM for one penny
Andrew H. 4
Adapter/converter for myway alpine tour
Adapters/Converters for Eastern Europe?
lois 10
Electricity adaptors for Austria, Switzerland and Germany
pocmaspesca 4
T-Mobile call price increasing
Frank II 5
Website for travel blog - need a recommendation
CathyG 7
What should you do with your old out-dated passport?
sherryjb 30
Recommendation for Portable USB charger (with 2 ports) for European trains
Continental 7
Rick Steves Audio Europe App
murrayhill5 3
tep wireless
jessiefarmers 0
Converters and Adapters
jlheidel 16
Need Verizon phone that will work in Europe. Does LTE mean I don't worry about GSM vs...
GypsyRover 12
Got great earphones. Now what for listing to our music choices especially in flight
zagfam 7
Two phones - SIM or no SIM?
Al 11
Orange Holiday SIM card
Cyn 18
SIM Cards in London, France and Germany
drthetford1 6
SIM card recommendation for the UK
Mike Tipton 6
Wireless or wired?
zinq57 1
Help with Headphones
Linda B 6
What the Airline Knows About You While Inflight
Lynn 14
Has anyone used the GPSmycity app? What audio walking tour do you recommend?
KAS in YVR 5