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Tourist Scams

Know the game

Tourists are targeted by scam and rip-off artists everywhere in Europe. If you know the games (spilling the mustard, bus 64 in Rome, and so on), you're less likely to be a victim. By sharing the latest scams (and learning from each others' mistakes) we'll all travel more safely.

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RS password compromised?
Sasha 24
Toll Booth Highway Scam Barcelona
joannemcauley43 6
Paris and digital camera
paulsbrawner 12
Pickpockets and keeping your stuff safe
dkcmontana 49 passwords compromised and now for sale over the Internet
Thos 8
Almost fell for a scam on booking site ..... be smarter than me.
Lisuza 33
Spain Bird Poop Scam is Real
hallkanea 15
Word to the Wise: Manuel Antonio National Park Scam
Lindy 2
Recommend good medical evacuation program?
sgbarnes1 13
Florence Italy- Air BNB Crime Ring
carolclements... 20
headout is it a scam?
beasleyra 8
Iberia travel voucher scam
kenbkb 72
Sandy 16
Rental cars and gas stations
dmartjr 5
Pigeon Poo scam alive and well in Granada
ianandjulie 5
A.I. Generated Guidebooks Scam Online
fcraymond76 3
Attempted scam in Barcelona?
lancerhayashi 7
Travel insurance scam -IMG
duret.preuss 11
Portugal: "legal" (buyer beware) scams?
lktraveler1 18
Carrying passport, etc. in small attachable bag at bottom of Civita day pack?
Les 26
Passport and Credit Card
Sandy Chen 16
Saving documents
jnsjane303 5
Bike Hiring
jnsjane303 1
Do not use Reservation
santacruzdela32 9
Pickpocket working with kids by the river
scott 12
New ATM scam
phred 11
Strange and pointless posts on Here?
douglas 26
Athens Airport Metro Pickpocketing Gang
TravelBug 11
Paris Metro fine
jerund 31 cancelled my flight ticket and took my refund from the airline
25yearstraveler 35
Train Station Scam at Venice Santa Lucia Station
Larry & Betty 16
be careful of restaurant double charges where they claim they've "reversed" the first...
John 13
Expérience and warning from a long-time expat in Paris
Bets 33
Don't buy Seven Corners Insurance
speckmank 16 Never Pre-Pay for a Lodging Through This Site!
drew 26
How do men keep their phones safe?
Lulu348 58
AirBnB, VRBO...only showing positive reviews?
Kateja 14
Traveler 8
Outraged honeymooners stuck with $570 bill for ‘a quick snack’
Mary 12
Barcelona Escalator Scam
TaffetaPilot 10
New to me scam in NYC
stan 3
Salt Mines Berchtesgaden
RafaFan 3
Getting La Scala tickets
gibsmail 4
Aggressive man on Steps to Sacre Coeur
RafaFan 17
Crowds at entrances and personal space preferences
avirosemail 18
Fake-Alaska Airline scam
jjgurley 22
Pickpockets and other tourist scams
Horsewoofie 17
Can you help me rent a bike?
athenafl 2
RFID pockets, are they worth it, do they work?
bonnieamarsh 8
Got tricked by 3rd party hotel site
Yo Pauly 19