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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Understanding how to make phone calls in UK with a French phone number
mosesrus 7
Wifi in Europe
rebeccaloweha 6
GoPro vs Camera
jkh 5
Home Cameras for cats?
douglas 24
Switzerland adapter
schillpaw 4
Eurail Pass on tablet
richardraffes... 2
AI trip planning? Thrifty Traveler reported on "Roam Around"
Carol now... 15
Travel documenting apps - which is your favorite?
Kathy 22
US Customs Global Entry Interview
jkh 14
Locked or Un-locked
Jon 6
SIM Card and iPad
SEAsiaTraveler 18
Buying an international eSIM data plan for your regular phone instead of a SIM card
Mardee 139
Reading U.S. text with European #
Bill 2
Verizon international plans now have unlimited data
Carrie 7
Worldwide converter/adaptor?
diveloonie... 18
First time using Deepl -- much more accurate
History Traveler 3
Anker 535 Power Bank recalled
Pam 9
eSIM card vs WhatsApp
Jon 11
Renting a SmartPhone
Newbie 18
Tips for formatting your posts
Mardee 23
Plug adapters for European countries
Pam 15
Recommendations for VPN to use Netflix in Europe
derek 20
Data only esim question
KC 4
Trying to make my phone choice
daveo27552 31
Best expense sharing apps
Ruth 13
Eurail Pass
richardraffes... 2
T Mobile 3 month free trial
Rocket 2
Figuring out phone options
Evan 8
SIM card for iphone
Pam 3
Find my spouse app
Art 12
nateerickson81 22
SIM Card for London and Paris?
erictsai1 3
AirTag question...
S J 9
Recommendation request for USB-C/AC charging hub
Celtia 9
Using cellphone in UK with French phone number.
mosesrus 3
New Google maps upgrades look very helpful for travelers
Mardee 0
experience with TMobile - specifically magenta max 55
countsmj 15
Recommendation for a portable phone charger
schillpaw 14
Google ChromeCast and TV in Europe..
mikewade98 4
Best Point & Shoot Camera for trip to France
tdecoste 25
USB-C charger and cables for Italy?
Lola 3
Mounting Airtag?
Mumbling &... 9
Airtags and dogs don't mix
phred 4
Phone call question
larihack86 8
calling an emergency services (911 equivalent) in Europe from a Canadian cell phone
joan 10
Creating your own guidebook with AI
Mardee 18
Please review my technology plan
nancycantravel 29
Canadian phone WhatsApp & Airailo app
ds 10
Delta Airlines launching free in-flight Wi-Fi
knhellesky 7
Earbud translation
Carol 4