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Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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best way to use Ricks self Guided tours
Hollygolightly2 14
E-sim for travel
Irene 8
Need Tracfone cell phone/service alternative for young teen in England
Leaves of Green 8
Any good tips to prevent cell phone theft?
Adrienne 24
AT&T International Plan for Spain??
Robin 5
SIM card for my tablet for data only?
maestrojohnnyj 4
Are wall chargers interchangeable?
Terry 11
SIM cards 101
Philip 6
Alternative Tablet for iPad
Mike 30
Mike 8
auto europe gps
tnash26170 5
Buy prepaid phone in Europe?
maxcarey 20
unlocked phone - prepaid card
Heidi 8
Charging iPhones and other devices
dremr58 13
iPhone GPS use in UK and Portugal- best data plan for travel?
carleencowan 4
Authentic products
edge07 7
Which online service to use for airfare refund using EU law?
Erica 12
Suggestions needed-Buy sim card online- Iphone to use in Europe
tpsatern 4
Go Pro vs. Travel Camera vs. iPhone
Joyful Traveler 10
Using a phone in France
plks52 6
Study Abroad in Paris: Best Cell Phone Options?
wittk11 2
Restaurant Decoder app for Europe-- Hold over menu to translate
kressmess5 3
Smartphone good applications to have on the phone before I go. England
shopmidway506 20
SIM card Necessary for IPhone X in Italy?
Carol B. 6
USB port in Ireland/UK with American devices
heyitsmebethy 7
Best SIM & cell coverage Shetland & Orkney?
Courtenay 4
Meeting new people
ottekilian 9
Communicating with fellow travelers
adptapa89 21
Data-only SIM for Tablet?
Phrank 5
Use iPhone Contacts as travel tool
bkzaney 10
110V to 220V converter recommendations
Jovie 37
Audio walking tours for other continents
cmzager95 0
Which cell phone
3ddana 8
Iphone - sim - pictures questions
Joyful Traveler 7
iPad Air 1 vs buying iPad mini
Joyful Traveler 13
Making photo books
diveloonie 7
Directions for how to start customizing your own Google Maps
Adrienne 14
Headphone Suggestions Requested
Joyce 12
Best travel camera?
studiowinfo 21
CityMaps2Go Weekend specail
LF 4
How do I unblock or prevent blocking of MSN emails while traveling abroad?
carleencowan 4
vftravels 20
French and Dutch Culinary Language Apps?
Jenaluma 4
GiffGaff simcard for UK?
S J 11
Backup for dSLR photos
travelingtulls 9
Traveling to Italy and Greece - where to buy cell phone?
Joyful Traveler 4
Using CPAP machines while in flight
Havefunwilltr... 9
Calling “collect” and toll-free numbers when abroad
Ken77 13
Should I buy a new cell phone or a new digital camera?
ameliamb 13
Google Fi now with more phones
Bruce 10