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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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A credit card question
Barbara 2
Suggestion for translator app for iphone
TravelNana 8
T-mobile Magenta Plan in France
Amy 11
Dumb question
Amanda 22
Holafly esim
Cerastez 3
Orange 14-day (e)sim plans: calendar days or 24hr days?
amindamazed 4
Anyone purchase vodafone sim on Amazon recently?
goanywhere 24
Phone charging - do we need to bring the wall plug? Or just USB cord and adapter?
lindawseattle 13
Wireless earbuds
karengoebl74 2
eSim with voice and data
Doogie 17
Portable power bank for cell phone
roubrat 6
Has anyone used Airalo?
lrsathome 13
Buying an international eSIM data plan for your regular phone instead of a SIM card
Mardee 105
eSIM Success & Update for Round 2
TexasTravelmom 34
How to phone
phred 12
France / Germany Sim
greg1262002 1
Phone vs camera for trip pics
carol 28
Avoid Verizon in Europe at All Costs
mark.eschen 30
Adapter for Italy - Recommendation Please
i-love-dogs 15
Google Calendar UPDATE: I figured how to do this!
vandrabrud 7
Back up GPS or maps with cell phone?
Susan and Monte 11
Sources for Audio Tours?
bsoth17 3
Google maps offline...does not work for public transit
Cerastez 11
GiffGaff for Scotland trip?
Diane 8
Sim card for both UK and Greece?
sherry 8
Wifi calling using a mobile wifi device
Paul 13
Share you favorite YouTube channels
roubrat 14
AirPods Pro and audio transmitter thing with corded earphones
chaguilera14 17
iMessage and some texting not working after putting US sim back in- solutions?
northwestern 7
T-Mobile Service at Home and Abroad
Jeff 15
How I used an eSIM data plan for one month in Germany (and a side trip to Denmark)
Mardee 26
Eurail Roaming SIM
jjkseventy7 0
Music App sans $$$Data?
JosiePosie 7
eSim in Italy with/phone #
Mariam 8
tmohmc 3
Phones in Finland/EU
mm 4
Smoke/carbon monoxide sensor
Kristina 6
Best Travel Podcasts
Jeff 2
Best portable power bank?
Jill 26
New Bluetooth toy for travel
phred 7
Keeping a SIM active
owl2vandy 1
Sharing a headphone tip for RSE Tour
sueamill 2
U.S. Cellular coverage in Germany, NL, Austria?
karina303 12
Verizon International plan
Lulu348 26
T-Mobile increases international data speeds
Paul 7
Using Apple Wallet
Stacie 11
Apple Watch in France + Italy?
mk 14
Has anyone bought a SIM in Istanbul?
CWsocial 10
New Samsung phone and SIM cards
IggyStooge 19
Hippocket and is there an Italy company offering the same?
SuperTuscan 2