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Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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E-sim for travel
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Esim for Best of Spain Tour
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Best place to purchase sim card in Paris
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Sim Card Options (Germany, Czech, Austria, France)
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T-Mobile - Prague and Budapest
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Buying RS Kindle books in Europe
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Best place to put Iphone while listening to audio tour?
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Sprint cell plan for Spain
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Sim card Paris
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Best travel itinerary apps
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Type F power strip
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framed photos from your trips
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Best App For Sharing pictures
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What do I lose by keeping my iPhone in 'airplane mode' the entire trip?
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Plug not grounded in Rome.
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Google Fi Experience in Germany & Austria
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Mobil passport error message
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Type F adapters - insulation on the prongs/tips
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T-Mobil dailing within Portugal
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Which cell phone
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Plug or transformer for my Galaxy tablet?
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plug needed for France
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auto europe gps
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Best SIM for UK + Europe?
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SIM card for iPhone in the Balkans?
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Recommended SIM card (company) for Spain + UK?
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Yet another DSLR vs. mirrorless question
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Alternative Tablet for iPad
Mike 33
Mike 10
French and Dutch Culinary Language Apps?
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Need Tracfone cell phone/service alternative for young teen in England
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