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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Helpful hint: iPhone 13 home button
horsewoofie 8
Airtags in your bags - they work!
1885BD 19
Which app do you use for French train tickets and schedules, and why?
avirosemail 24
New Passport But Number Not Recognized by Global Entry Website
Barkinpark 17
What's that sound?
phred 11
Can I use the same SIM card in more than one country?
davidfox 5
Are online reviews broken?
Allan 16
Charging FreeStyle Libre 2 in Europe
Mary 4
FNAC rejects my mobile number
ivy 15
Question about AT&T's International Plan
Carol 19
Hearing aid voltage convertor
severhart_51 6
Buying an Unlocked Phone Before Travelling in Europe
elorza22 15
Apple Watch question
Patricia 12
Smartphone...can't travel without it.
Paul 30
Need Tracfone cell phone/service alternative for young teen in England
suatkayabasi2 2
Consider asking Santa for a new travel charger
avirosemail 9
What do you do with your laptop that you couldn't do with your phone already?
avirosemail 44
Technology and the travel experience
Allan 37
How do you use your iPad (or tablet) when traveling that makes it worth packing along?
avirosemail 23
5g sim for European travel using unlocked 5g cell phone
kenneth_bauer 3
Weather Websites or Apps
cj-traveler 16
What portable power bank do you like best right now?
Barbara 9
Using old phone, new SIM
stan 13
Sim Card
Diane 14
Pre-paid SIM cards for Italy?
mfishman555 5
Don't forget to renew your Global Entry!
Lola 16
Choosing a compact camera to shoot travel stills and videos
3ddana 12
Latest phone advice?
phred 18
MINT MOBILE reviews?
Allison 3
Google Translate
Kateja 6
Suggestions for SIM card company
David & C. 5
emailing google photos
bmcbride 5
want to know half way mark for logistical planning?
MariaF 8
Teaching ESL online courses, any recommendations?
June 7
New CBP App
Frank II 5
Hallucinogenic bug bites and calling when overseas
Mark 12
Enhancement to Google Maps
acraven 0
Photo Organization Software
douglas 5
Test post from new email address
Al 4
Google map....covid overlay available
MariaF 4 photo
Rocket 🚀🧳 2
Google Photos Storage Caps June 2021
Rocket 🚀🧳 7
Bookmarked posts
lisa 2
How do I Bold a letter or word?
Lola 9
Bose NC Headphones
Rocket 🚀🧳 6
What's your favorite postcard app?
avirosemail 13
Europe Prepaid Cell phones
donbrink01 13
Expensive lesson learned on Italian SIM (Vodafone)
Nelly 16
Two way language translators
Anne 12
New way to purchase mobile data while traveling if you have a phone with an eSim feature
JoeF 1