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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Technology in Europe
Karen 6
CPAP travelers: Any HDM Z1 owners?
Mike Beebe 8
KML/KMZ files for Steves’ walking tours?
bogiesan 0
Best Camera/Video Recorder
Justin 16
Mobile options for my 8 months in France
lisajune2015 12
Do US cell phones ring different to the person calling when you are in Europe?
rochellenina 7
T-Mobile Overseas Options
Tim 24
Need help with a tech product
mjbncc1701 7
horsewoofie 3
Voltage Converters? What's the deal??
M 15
SmartPhones in Europe
4salenas 23
Best way for members of four families to communicate while on the same tour
swoboda97124 11
Mike Tipton 8
language apps for spain and czech for iphone question
glennlorrainer 3
SIM cards
Mira 10
If you can't get your cellphone to work overseas....
Frank II 16
Skype and Landlines
Kateja 9
TMobile in Europe
cliffordmf 12
Comfortable earphones or headphones
Lo 12
Picasa 3
Den 11
For a European road trip, GPS is essential - some tips
marcia 23
Rec for a point-and-shoot compact with viewfinder for under $500
Lori 17
Airline data breaches/hacking
Lola 4
changing forum password
Nelly 3
After we were robbed, which companies helped and which did not?
marcia 22
SIM cards and roaming across EU
David 4
Power converters in Europe
Archer65 6
Google Maps + Data Plan is the way to go!
corpkid 9
Is Amazon the only way to buy Orange Holiday SIM in US before your trip?
gaillte 11
Rain in Venice
deb450sl 9
Netflix and Hulu Abroad
Boba 40
Map Apps and Phone charges
cwilson818 7
Using Google streetview
cbrochu30 12
Best Camera to bring?
M 16
Libby 15
How good is Google Translate, particularly for Italian?
lnbsig 19
Avoid SFR SIM cards when travelling in France from the USA
jharan 9
google hangouts ???s
horsewoofie 11
Lock Screen Message
Frank II 14
Wi -Fi in Greece really safe?
monica 11
Online Reviews
Lane 15
Electrical Adaptor for Brussels, Prague, Budapest and Vienna
rlwb 3
SIM card
mcf.joslen 6
Noise cancelling sleep masks?
chrismastin 11
Traveling with just a smart phone.
seacoastpet 22
Using a Verizon network smartphone in "pay-as-you-go" mode in Europe
SteveM 15
Camera vs new iPhone
twilt 30
Portable charger
diveloonie... 11
Bad Behavior of Phone GPS
Rosalyn 12
Mobile Passport
Roger 21