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nano sims chip for iPhone 12 Store at Stockholm airport to purchase?

I have a iPhone 12 that I will be taking to Sweden, Copenhagen, Norway, To be able to use data for directions, addresses,
No phone calls. Is there a store at the Stockholm airport where I can purchase a sims chip? or what are the name of stores in Stockholm to purchase? (My many trips to Italy this is what I did must purchased a nanochip for data at $25 US dollars and worked great) again not going to use the iPhone for calls, only data, texting and messengers, photos. Thanks

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You mention nano sim or a physical sim in the title but e sim in the body. Assuming you want an E SIM for just data look at Airalo. Many forum members have reported using their services and that it worked well.

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Ah Menlo Park….grew up nearby…..long ago when it was the Santa Clara Valley, the Valley of the Heart’s Delight….not Silicon Valley….

Anyway …. Have you investigated WhatsApp? I have an iPhone 11 and when in the UK I use it for calling back to the US. Just need for others to have the app on their phones as well.

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You are putting an eSim and a sim chip together but they are not the same.

Just so you don’t confuse a clerk at a store, if you want a small sim inserted in your phone - that is a SIM card.

If you want just data , you can buy an eSim (meaning there is nothing physical). You can buy it and set it up before you leave home. There is quite a bit of info here on how to do that.