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Calendar Planning App

I'm looking for a calendar planning app to plan my trips. It needs to be able to sync with Google Drive--as backup and so I can access it on other devices--but I don't want it syncing with Google Calendar.

I figure it's time to move away from paper.

Any idea? (Apps for Apple are not going to do me any good.)

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According to TripIt, you can set it up to sync with different calendaring programs.

I haven't used this feature though. Since you don't want it on your main Google calendar, I suppose you could set up a separate or linked Google account for this purpose (sorry that's outside my wheelhouse). I do know that you can access TripIt on the web and via an android app, so I don't think you'd need to sync it with Google Drive to have access it anywhere (other than maybe an exported file to your Google drive that you could open separately).

Good luck!

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Frank, you can set up more than one Google Calendar using the same Google account. For example, I have my regular Google calendar, but there is also a Family Calendar that my daughter and SIL share. I have the local school calendar on there, and I have one specifically for my trips.

It's very easy and you can see all the calendars at the same time if you want, or go to My Calendars in the lower left hand corner and UNclick the various box to see specific ones. The only calendars that appear are the ones that you clicked on.

I think it's about the handiest calendar app I know.

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Thanks all.....I use Tripit already for all my finalized travel information.

I found an app called Good Calendar that syncs with Google Drive. I can access it on other devices and even my watch.