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Sim Card for Poland-Austria-Czech Republic

I am going to visit Poland-Austria-Czech Republic and need wifi for my phone mainly will be used for Uber and Google map. What kind of Sim Card I should buy? Thanks

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SIM cards are becoming obsolete. Most new phones come with eSIM capability with does the same thing as a SIM card except that it is a software, not hardware, based

My recommendation is to check out Airalo which sells a variety of plans by country, by region, or even global.

For a great step by step explanation of how Airalo works and how to set it up, check out this YouTube video:

I used Airalo on a monthlong trip to Italy this fall and it worked great and enhanced the enjoyment of the trip by being able to use Google Maps to check hours of operation, read reviews, and just find our way around.

I bought the Airalo plan well before our trip and, thanks to the video, I just had to make a few toggles when we landed in Europe such that I had cell service by the time the plane arrived at the gate. This was a huge help in navigating the Italian train system.

We get two plans so my wife and I can be in easy contact with one another via WhatsApp.

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I used Holafly esim for 90 days this fall. You need a phone that can be switched internally to an esim,
and unlocked. you will not be able to use your own US phone number.
They did give me an Austria phone number. And I had unlimited data for a very good price for 90 days.
Great for using maps, train apps, reading QR codes, etc.
I traveled in Germany, Austria, italy, switzerland, Luxemburg, France without any problem at all. Set it up the week before you leave and turn it on when you land.