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Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Frank II 9
Anyone had good luck with aloSIM eSIM? Or not so good?
avirosemail 4
Newbie to eSim and dual sim - please help
Louise 12
T-Mobile in the UK
Frank II 23
Esim recommendations
Frank II 5
george.smyth 15
Wanderlog Report from England Trip
Mardee 7
Dats access with SIM card?
Momfor4 6
Digital Journaling App Best one?
dmharris 2
Using FaceTime with wi fi calling the US
Ruth 7
Crossbody Lanyard for IPhone
etaphouse62 14
Cell phone plan
suefarrell1111 10
T-Mobile customer gets $143,000 bill after overseas trip.
Mardee 8
Places on a city map
Mumbling &... 6
This looks very promising.....
Ken 7
Using cell phone in Germany
AmyD 15
Surge protector-do you bring one? Or power strip only?
Pastelholic 28
Offline Maps
Scott B 9
Another SIM card question
SandraL 7
Can audio for tours be shared across devices?
Ruth 9
Bought Orange eSim - please clarify
SylviaS 6
Voting while Overseas
Letsgo 14
Wise Card
Tad 2
Google Pay ending
Cerastez 17
iPhone 12 ‘lipstick’ size charger….any recommendations?
Lyndash 10
How many Credit Cards in Apple Wallet, Google Pay etc
Ed 30
Immersive View on Google Maps
Frank II 4
Apple/Google Pay on Phones
ORDtraveler 8
Power Bank thoughts
LIZinPA 🧳 26
Help! Orange eSim for several countries?
SylviaS 11
Penalty for Overstaying U.S. VISA?
chucksmithsf9 12
Did emojis go away?
Mardee 16
Samsung roaming issues
Allan 12
SIM card advice
Debbie17 3
Favorite apps for travel 2024
Ruth 22
MNT Lisa’s packing items
Barbara 6
Security keys, VPN’s, Password managers etc
Judith 7
2FA Solution in EU, US carrier is Verizon
guyinsocal 4
Buying Temporary Pre-Paid Mobile Phone Service in Prague
slsles 2
Sim Card
dpdacha1 3
Timeshifter App
sarah.r 18
Orange Holiday Europe SIM Card
parevalo1950 4
Saving Bookmarks
Mardee 17
Camcorder recommendation
cfendley237 16
John 13
Is adding a GPS System to a Rental Car Reservation a good bet?
Tymochtee 18
Does an Orange Holiday Europe SIM card have limitations on INCOMING international...
parrottg49 11
I need to Forward my US calls to me while in Europe.
frenoniawalls 10
Considering a WISE card for New Zealand
jules m 7
This # did not work in France, even though Hertz in France gave it to the renter
Dreamscometrue 9