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Technology Tips

Talk up technology used for travel here

European tourism now comes with a digital divide: those with high tech gadgets and those without. Discuss gadgets, mobile devices, apps, cameras, rotary phones, and more. Which tools are worth the trouble and actually enhance your travels?

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Global Entry Application/Worth It?
mariegdiaz 34
Another question about ESims vs International Travel Plans from Verizon
dkcmontana 14
Bandolier phone case with neck Straps- Flash sale
Pat 0
Switzerland sim cards that work in the EU are hard to find?
rarner 5
Any experience with Nomad eSIM in Europe
thochen2001 5
Phone tethers
katiecem 18
Verizon international plans now have unlimited data
Carrie 32
Verizon plan surprises
rebeccasmarks 12
eSims for Italy- weighing my options but I need help
melmay14 7
Problems with the Forum site freezing and not being accessible
Pat 12
Buying an international eSIM data plan for your phone instead of SIM card
Mardee 162
Airalo now has a plan with data, text, and calls
Lane 5
Travel Converter/Adaptor Suggestions
mariegdiaz 11
T-Mobile traveling to EU (Austria, Hungry, Germany, Italy and Switzerland)
Jim 7
App’s to help adjust to time change…. Denver to Australia
mgordon1101 7
What are the best apps/tools you guys use on your travels?
markabartel 10
FAA warns against 100% charged lithium powered devices in airplane
Pacific Puffin 5
sharing a pc
newmarket2 8
Paying for gas/fuel for rented car
dmtgantz 13
Dutch phone in the US. SIM card needed?
Kateja 3
experience with TMobile - specifically magenta max 55
countsmj 18
esim activation
sharonscott6952 8
220 volt to 110 volt converter 2000 watt
Angie G 15
Airalo Install help
sharonscott6952 3
Buying a SIM in Spain
mhardin913 7
Renting a SmartPhone
Newbie 21
Best real time translation App for Italian
vintagehot1916 3
maryannsv 6
Wise card for spending in UK
ExcitedTraveller 4
Cooler bag?
Mumbling &... 5
Using Same US Phone Number While in Europe
synapse 33
adapter and voltage converter for CPAP machine
schillpaw 8
AirFly bluetooth transmitter
TheOrdinaryRe... 12
Recommendations for VPN to use Netflix in Europe
derek 23
Samsung Watch
Frank II 4
Transportation and attraction apps
dpalmier53 2
My phone "Bricked" in France last week! Went dead. Scary- but here's what I learned..
mikewade98 21
Minimal Tech kit
douglas 24
David 9
Iphone photo safe stockage (google photo)?
bucephale 3
Orange Holiday Esim Warning
Bill 4
Need Google My Maps Help
Mumbling &... 4
Google Maps how to customize
LF 15
buying cell phones in Europe
dpiercejr63 7
Orange Sim Card?
LF 8
Lithium battery in carry on
katiecem 10
Trip-It App a lifesaver
Carol now... 27
How to get a phone number for an eSIM data-only plan
Mardee 12
Questions re Best SIM Cards in Italy and France
dcornford 2
eSim recommendations for Slovenia, Croatia, Italy
Matthew 4