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COVID-19 & Travel

Traveling in a post-pandemic world

Europe is opening up to travelers from the United States and beyond, but travel conditions are changing fast. Share your thoughts and first-hand experiences about traveling in a COVID-19 world. What factors are important to you? Have you experienced entry red tape? What about flight and hotel availability, pricing, and cancel/refund policies?

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All "COVID-19 & Travel" posts must tie directly to travel
Webmaster 0
How you can tell who is from the US…
Emily 3
Where to quarantine if positive - Malpensa
thomasjeff0 3
Are people wearing face shields along with masks in the airport?
ptgal 26
Insurance policy recs covering ALL quarantine expenses if I test positive day before...
Continental 9
How many COVID Rapid test kits should we bring with us to Italy?
dguimond 10
NYC rules
phred 4
Verifly problem with uploading documents
camille 3
On RS tour now, got Covid
jdill7 57
Can't Upload COVID Documents on Lufthansa App or Website
pwilleterno 8
Need some more home tests to pack for your trip?
Carol now... 7
Odd timing issue re: proctored Binax Abbot test; iHealth "sold out" of proctored...
kentchristine 9
If you contract covid a month or 2 before travel, get a documented test
Whew! quickMD success
camille 4
What time of day to test before returning to US with a connecting flight in Europe
Alyssa 12
Paris - Canada - USA return ... Do I need 2 Covid Tests?
Bart 7
If you tested positive and had to extend your stay - your experience with travel...
James 6
Has anyone used the iHealth COVID Test Service for re-entry to US?
mooncusser2k 10
Injectable Medications and Italy Quarantine, how is that handled?
topaz213 7
EU Lifting airline mask requirements
GoWest 6
Insurance to cover hotels for quarantine
Donna 20
Covid-19 testing , return flight to USA vs Land crossing
cak1974 12
Delta TrustAssure problem--KLM can I go to gate agent a week early and get cleared?
elaine 5
Solo Traveler - Italy - August 2022
Anita W. 21
Where to quarantine if test positive for COVID day before flight home?
dfg 13
Getting documentation of recovery if you test positive while overseas.(updated 5.9.22)
Carol now... 78
Individual Travel Policy coordination with Credit Card Travel Cancellation/Interruption...
Terri 4
Flying back to the U.S. on United, updates?
cslh324 5
Booster as piece of mind before travel?
dipali_p 23
Rick Steves Tour test requirements
efgarwood1 25
My experience - Covid positive in Spain
Tamara 21
"Sanitary Pass" in France and other European COVID requirements
gamecockchristie 5
OnPoint Testing
aimee_craig_c... 9
My experience-Covid Positive in France before RS tour
diveloonie... 22
Probably redundant question regarding "document of recovery"
cslh324 9
Quarantine after positive test
JosiePosie 24
Finding a Covid Test on a Sunday when you have an early Monday flight
jacs10 3
EU will no longer recommend that masks be worn on planes
Mardee 0
QuickMD appointment
camille 6
Adding family member to quickMD account
camille 2
Travel insurance for quarantine
Rebecca 15
Getting Home to US
JosiePosie 13
Covid testing in Newbury or Reading
Stacie 2
What does the letter of recovery need to say?
northwestern 6
Best Proctored Test to Return to US from France
kzeiss 4
Flowflex with Azova proctor vs binax
chloe p 3
Difficulty in getting appointment with quickMD
camille 2
Hypothetical questions regarding "official" Covid tests, isolation rules, etc.
cslh324 4
Airlines and masking
mmk 23
When/where documents are required
thomasjeff0 4