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COVID-19 & Travel

Traveling in a post-pandemic world

Europe is opening up to travelers from the United States and beyond, but travel conditions are changing fast. Share your thoughts and first-hand experiences about traveling in a COVID-19 world. What factors are important to you? Have you experienced entry red tape? What about flight and hotel availability, pricing, and cancel/refund policies?

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Missed connecting flight for return to US thus making Covid test 2 days prior rather...
lisa 4
Covid test from departing country?
Ricki 6
COVID Hotel Rome
josephmay39 10
transit through Canada/ US covid entry testing
ottla2 17
Letter of Recovery vs letter that states cleared for travel
northwestern 4
Canada to Europe using QR Code
Kate 5
Individual Travel Policy coordination with Credit Card Travel Cancellation/Interruption...
Terri 6
Getting documentation of recovery if you test positive while overseas.(updated 5.9.22)
Carol now... 81
Is there a virtual proctoring service that can be used with any covid test?
katie2303 6
How you can tell who is from the US…
Emily 33
double checking for Switzerland connecting flight
Alyssa 1
NYT...What's Going on With the Testing Requirement for Travel?
Frank II 13
How to get a covid test in Amsterdam
Paula 4
camille 4
Vax proof when traveling between NL and FR via train
PugMama 2
Covid tests the day of travel
jrchipmunk 10
NYC rules
phred 6
KN95/N95 masks
ellisc66 16
Paris - Canada - USA return ... Do I need 2 Covid Tests?
Bart 10
Are people wearing face shields along with masks in the airport?
ptgal 27
any experience being covid positive and disembarkation in Civataveccia?
kayguz 3
Where to quarantine if positive - Malpensa
SweetSocks 3
Insurance policy recs covering ALL quarantine expenses if I test positive day before...
Continental 9
How many COVID Rapid test kits should we bring with us to Italy?
dguimond 10
Can't Upload COVID Documents on Lufthansa App or Website
pwilleterno 8
Need some more home tests to pack for your trip?
Carol now... 7
Odd timing issue re: proctored Binax Abbot test; iHealth "sold out" of proctored...
kentchristine 9
If you contract covid a month or 2 before travel, get a documented test
LIZinPA 🧳 0
Whew! quickMD success
camille 4
What time of day to test before returning to US with a connecting flight in Europe
Alyssa 12
Has anyone used the iHealth COVID Test Service for re-entry to US?
mooncusser2k 10
EU Lifting airline mask requirements
GoWest 6
Insurance to cover hotels for quarantine
Donna 🌎 20
Covid-19 testing , return flight to USA vs Land crossing
Bonn1974 12
Solo Traveler - Italy - August 2022
Anita W. 21
Where to quarantine if test positive for COVID day before flight home?
dfg 13
Flying back to the U.S. on United, updates?
cslh324 5
Booster as piece of mind before travel?
dipali_p 23
Rick Steves Tour test requirements
efgarwood1 22
My experience - Covid positive in Spain
Tamara 21
"Sanitary Pass" in France and other European COVID requirements
gamecockchristie 5
My experience-Covid Positive in France before RS tour
Tammy (aka... 20
Probably redundant question regarding "document of recovery"
cslh324 9
Quarantine after positive test
JosiePosie 24
Finding a Covid Test on a Sunday when you have an early Monday flight
jacs10 3
EU will no longer recommend that masks be worn on planes
Mardee 0
QuickMD appointment
camille 6
Adding family member to quickMD account
camille 2
Getting Home to US
JosiePosie 13
Covid testing in Newbury or Reading
Stacie 2