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COVID-19 & Travel

Traveling in a post-pandemic world

Europe is opening up to travelers from the United States and beyond, but travel conditions are changing fast. Share your thoughts and first-hand experiences about traveling in a COVID-19 world. What factors are important to you? Have you experienced entry red tape? What about flight and hotel availability, pricing, and cancel/refund policies?

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Trip Interruption Insurance
Justin 6
China's back
David 13
Weekly COVID-19 stats
Al 3
COVID and Group Tours
margie 38
Eurostar travel from UK to Paris covid test question
Sarah 8
Misplaced my original covid vaccine card
lisco123 10
Confused about buying travel insurance.
jlouky 18
COVID test requirements returning from Europe
tavoorhees 4
Trip Insurance: RS Covid policies, but you don't test positive for Covid
kartalcott 4
Trip Insurance -- what to insure?
jdill7 13
Covid Travel Insurance--please respond!!!
jdill7 7
Health Insurance While Travel To Europe
Sandy Chen 11
Multiple Travel Insurance Policies?
garya 4
Xmas 2022 US travel - Covid Vaccination Proof
khansen 11
Italy trip in May and Covid procedures if someone contracts Covid
sschickler 13
Anyone canceled vacation (or are considering it)?
Tumbleweed70 66
What form does proof of a negative Covid self-test take?
James 4
Booster No Longer Required for Rick Steves Tours in 2023
dawgholm 7
Most comfortable & convenient Germany-approved masks?
karina303 8
Travel/Trip insurance
KatyO 8
Lingering cough after Covid
29bamboo 3
Keeping Each Other Safe
Joe A. 4
RS Covid requirements
johncs 1
Airline Mask Requirements for Inbound and Outbound International Flights
RJ 23
New COVID booster: Are 4 shots still enough for RS tour?
Jill M. 53
Recommended health/travel insurance for Jordan & Israel
leskarpru 1
Have Covid - need help w/canceling flight
Deb 8
Canada ending all Covid travel restrictions
Frank II 15
Disposable N95 or Elastomeric Respirator
BB 6
Tour Report - Covid precautions with UPDATE
Carol now... 29
Buying masks & hand sanitizers (central Europe)
blackcat... 4
Make sure your RS tour complies with COVID test
Marina 18
Timing of covid testing and how many tests to bring to France
debrar 3
Just got the new Covid Booster
Continental 22
COVID strategy for upcoming France trip
lnbsig 🌍 35
If one of us tests positive in Italy . . . .
Sasha 2
Weekly “On the Road” Report for 9/7/2022
Continental 10
Covid medicine recommendation to bring on trip
JenLA 25
Covid Rapid Test
nivende 1
Covid requirements for unvaccinated air passengers passing through Amsterdam to Italy?
darylandlisa 2
Tested Positive
SantaMonicaPeter 3
Covid Requirements from EU country to Spain
mtbaerden 1
IATA Travel Pass & CommonPass
Reina 0
covid vaccination proof for layover?
Monopolova 5
Washington (and probably others) residents east proof of vax
Gretchen 5
Spain--Mask Requirements--When Likely to End
RJ 2
Canada Reinstates Random Covid Testing
Donna 🌎 14
Covid risk
mis1125 10
Reliable, fast, rapid antigen covid testing in Central London
mhverde 2
Train travel in Germany
dqfreaks 4