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What form does proof of a negative Covid self-test take?

I read in the RS FAQs that proof of a negative self-test taken within 24 hours of the first day of the tour is required. But I am a little stumped as to what form that could take?

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Last spring we presented the test strip showing just one red bar. I think that was the general practice for self-testing. It was essentially the honor system. But you might ask the RS tour staff directly. And requirements might change for next year's tours, depending on how Covid and our responses to it evolve in the coming months.

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I took an iPhone picture of my negative self-test on the first day of the tour and showed it and my original CDC vax card to our guide. In lieu of a picture, tour participants could present the actual test to the guide. I don’t think this has changed since September.

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On the Best of Tuscany tour in November, we just had to show a photo of the test on our phones.

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Ditto the same thing as Horsewoofie and Philip. Did the home Covid test in the hotel room the morning the tour started and took a picture of the result. I presented that and the vax card to the guide at the appointed time. Very easy. I'd brought a couple of kits with me to test as I went along but they were also readily available at local pharmacies in Italy. Last spring in France they were also readily available.

And yes, it is the honor system.