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Most comfortable & convenient Germany-approved masks?


I am wondering if anyone can suggest an online link to purchase masks convenient for traveling, and comfortable for extended wear on German public transport (planes & trains) and anywhere else we may find ourselves needing one.

We typically wore cloth masks wherever required in the US, and I have never even purchased anything besides, so all of the masks we have will not work in Germany. I have used N95 masks from work, and they tend to fit too tight around my husband's ears. We are leaning toward the surgical mask style for this reason, although I hate the "waste" factor, as these don't hold up well to reuse.

Do you have an online link to purchase masks you suggest for travel? Thanks! We (two adults) will be in Germany for 7 days, with one flight from Frankfurt. We will have a car part of the time, and use public transit part of the time, too.

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My wife and I have been wearing KN 95 masks from Powecom for at least a year now, including on long flights and overseas trips. I wore them in Germany last fall. They work fine for us, and don't need to be changed often. At home, I typically use two, on alternate days, for a month. On a trip I change them more often because I'm wearing them for long periods on some days.

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I discovered the 3M Aura (the link was shared to the one I’m talking about right above my comment) by some nurses that used them for long distance flights. My husband used them on his recent flight to and from Germany and he said they were the most comfortable masks he’s worn. I bought ours through ProjectN95 - you can buy packs of 20 on there.

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Thanks! Germany has very strict rules about the toe of masks that are required on public transit. No cloth masks and no vents. When we traveled in the summer, we wore surgical masks, which were comfortable. It seems for the rest if the winter, Germany will require adults to wear N95 style masks again.

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I tried various N95, KN95, and KF94 masks prior to my trip in September.

The ones that I liked the best were the Evergreen Cleantop KF94 adjustable strap masks which I bought from They have adjustable ear loops so you can adjust the fit around your ears. I found them quite comfortable..

KF94s are the Korean standard which is similar to the N95 and FFP standard. Project N95 was recommended by several news sites as a source for authentic masks.

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I find these KN95 masks comfortable for all day wear. They don't hurt my ears as much as most masks do; the elastic is a tad longer. I used them in Europe in September while traveling on my own and during a RS tour, wearing a mask whenever I was out of my hotel room or eating.
As you probably know, cotton masks will not give you as good of protection as KN95 or N95 nor will most surgical masks. If you must use surgical masks, buy Level 3 masks. These have a nose flap do they don't steam up glasses and an adjustable chin.