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Misplaced my original covid vaccine card

I leave in 2 weeks for a tour of Portugal. I have misplaced my original covid vaccine card but I have my vaccine record on my phone from the official Washington State site showing all my vaccines and booster doses,dates etc, Is that adequate?

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I contacted my local health district in Idaho when I wanted to obtain a duplicate card as a back-up for my travels last year. You probably could do the same if you would like a physical record, just in case you wanted an official paper with you.

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I don’t think you’ll need the physical card, but if you need one to feel safer, contact Washington Dept of Health. When cards were required, the Washington Vaccination card would not have been accepted as it’s ‘local’ as opposed to US gov’t.

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Perhaps you can return to the facility that gave you the injections and get duplicate cards. Just a thought.

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If your tour actually requires the original paper card, hopefully you will have gotten those vaccinations at a pharmacy that perhaps can give you a replacement card as that would be easier than going through state bureaucracy.

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The obvious question that you have no doubt already processed.... Could you cut and paste the vaccine record on your phone into a document and print that? Or take a screenshot and print that? Just in case you (like me) like to have everything important on paper as well as on your phone?

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If you are on a RS Tour, I just emailed them to ask if the original CDC card was required and they responded that a copy was acceptable.