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Looking for PCR Test at your hotel room & Dr Note??

Less and less places in Europe are offering a PCR test. For my travel insurance, A PCR test is needed for a doctor to write a note saying you are positive for travel insurance. Does anyone have any recommendation for a PCR test you can take in your hotel through video conference and a doctor will write a note if you are positive. Anyone have any fist hand experience?

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I just googled “video PCR tests” and was able to get some results. You would need to research those links further.

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My understanding is that PCR tests have to be sent to a lab. You might be able to swab at your hotel, but you still need to sent the swab out and wait for results. Binax makes an antigen test you can do under video supervision, and then you get an email with the results, but it is not a PCR test.

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This just happened to my husband and I - fortunately, our guide was able to find a pharmacy that conducted PCR tests within a 5 minute walk from the hotel. Our insurance company said we only needed the positive PCR test (no insurance requirement for doctor visit). I am pretty certain there is no such thing as a PCR video visit - the PCR test specimen must go to a lab - the specimen needs to be collected by a medical technician. We got the results within 24 hours (they quoted 48 hours).

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@Denise Glad to hear you had a good experience. I am trying not to have a repeat of my last RS tour. I tested positive with a Home kit. I was on my own to find a PCR place after a few tries, and a hour or more bus ride I found a place. A doctor is only going to write a letter of positive for COVID with a PCR test.

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Last Sept I came down with Covid on my last day in Florence and had to stay another 5 days.
I got a PCR test at a pharmacy.
I made three calls to my insurance co and each time ….three different agents…was told if I wasn’t that sick I didn’t need to see a doctor, just get the test for proof on my claim.
As a former nurse, I had meds and things with me to keep me comfy.
I certainly didn’t need to go out and find a doctor, but I did feel too sick to travel.
However………part of my claim when I got home was denied as they said I should have seen a doctor.
No amount of arguing would convince them otherwise.
I was reimbursed for only two thirds of my out of pocket expenses.

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tell you one thing and then screw you for doing that... nice