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What countries are you seeing the most COVID cases among your tour members?

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This site is not a direct link to RS staff.

The correct question is which country(ies) have the highest percentage of covid cases.

This has a monthly report -- -- regarding covid cases.

Whether the RS staff has refined the raw data to give a percentage by tour or country is unknown. You would have to contact the RS office to see if they have that data and are willing to make it available.

Contact info for RS--

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To add to Joe's good advice, tour members might only test if they display symptoms. As it's very possible to be asymptomatic - as I was when I had it - the staff would only be aware of known cases via positive tests, not those of carriers who didn't feel sick so didn't test.

It's also possible to become exposed at home very shortly before the trip, at the airport before ever leaving the country, or on the plane so no fault of the host country.

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Austria offers free testing so more testing likely happens here than anywhere else….

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We got our sixth covid shot two weeks before we left for our recent trip to Alaska. We were directly exposed to covid on the trip (and not wearing masks) and we never contracted the virus. We tested negative twice So that’s a suggestion for you if you are concerned. Also mask up. Do these help or not, I don’t know. You have to decide this for yourself. Covid is still out there obviously.