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Xmas 2022 US travel - Covid Vaccination Proof

I'm travelling domestically for the first time since the pandemic started.
Should I carry my COVID vaccination/booster card or copy there-of?

What about rapid-tests?
I'm fully vaxxed and boosted. Never had it.
Also had my flu shot.

But since early 2020, I feel like "I'm coming down with something" every time I have to spend time outside the house with the possibly germy public, including work. Too many people don't care if they infect someone else. I do. Both ways. I don't want to make you sick. I don't want to get sick from you.

I already have a supply of KN-95 masks to wear in the airport and plane. Also have fabric masks with extra filters for other times.

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I don't carry my vaccination/booster card when I travel domestically, but I do when I travel internationally (it is part of my passport case) I do bring one or two rapid tests with me. During my last trip, I received a phone notification that I had been in the proximity of someone who later tested positive for covid. It gave me a date that I should test on. It was convenient that I had a few tests with me and I could just spend a few minutes to test and confirm I was still negative.

I think you will probably struggle with the number of people coughing and sneezing without making any effort to cover their coughs. It is as if no one ever taught them the basics of hygiene. If you find this is driving you crazy, just distance where you can, mask up and keep washing your hands frequently. You can't do anything about the others, so you have to just let it go.

I have traveled quite a few days both domestically and internationally since the pandemic began and it is possible to have a happy and healthy time as long as you don't get upset about the behavior of others and just do precautions for yourself.

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I drove cross country recently and had no need for my COVID card.

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I'm not aware of any place in the US that still asks for proof of vaccination. There's no need to take it with you. And unless you're going way out into the boondocks, you probabably don't need to take rapid tests with you, either. You can buy them in any drugstore or pharmacy.

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Thank you.
I had too many years of coming home with a respiratory virus from either a SIL who would arrive at Mom's house sick and stay and stay and stay, or someone on the plane.

From evidence since Mom died, I think it was probably dear SIL who infected me.

Long-term Covid is scary.

I don't like getting a respiratory infection.

BUT I especially don't want to get Covid and/or risk giving it to someone else.

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As things stand now, you have 2 choices. Stay home and avoid all outside contact. Or accept a less than ideal situation, take what reasonable precautions you can for yourself (masking in public, avoiding crowds where possible, washing hands or using sanitizer before touching your face or food/eating utensils) and carry on with your life. Like many others, I've traveled several times both domestically and internationally this year, and by using precautions have both enjoyed myself and remained healthy. As the saying goes, you can't control other peoples behavior. But you can control your own.

While there are no current requirements to show the Vax card domestically, I just have mine in my wallet, tucked behind my insurance card, so I always know where it is. I also pack a couple of self tests in case I need one.

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First all, I know of no place in the US is requiring proof of vaccination.

As for the current situation, my wife was at a (plant society) meeting last night and was talking to a member who is a pulmonologist at one of our local hospitals (Portland, OR). He told her between the flu, Covid, and RSV, the hospitals here are actually worse off than at the height of Covid. We have gone back to masking indoors (shopping, etc.).

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If it’s easier than carrying your paper CDC Covid vaccination card, and if you carry a Smartphone, how about just having photos of your card, front and back, on the phone?

On two trips this past year, international but with domestic connecting flights, I wore masks on all flights. At home, I’d stopped fretting about masks in public after 2 years of wearing one, then resumed masking for awhile, then discontinued it. Now that you mention it, right now, I will probably start up again, inside, at stores and other places where the public gathers. I hope your travels go well - continue with the safety measures you’ve employed the past 2 1/2 years, doing what you can to remain safe, legume enjoying your trip.

Having some Covid tests with you could provide some piece of mind, if the situation arises.

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You don’t need your booster card traveling domestically. I already have a photo of the front and back of mine on my iPhone, along with other documents I want when traveling.

For the home Covid tests when traveling, I open up the boxes and can usually place 3 of them inside a 2-pack box. They hardly take any room, so I take two of those boxes. This is for the free tests, not the proctored home tests that you must open when the proctor is viewing your process.

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I can't imagine who would ask for proof of vaccination these days.

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I can't imagine who would ask for proof of vaccination these days.

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The health care industry is freaking out about the threat of a seasonal TripleDemic: flu, respiratory viruses, and Covid. It'a a serious issue, they're not making this stuff up. Take whatever precautions you feel necessary if traveling. We have reverted to wearing good masks in crowds like Costco, Walmart, airports, and the like. (Where I live, one's politics tend to determine preventive measures.)

My firends in health care are adamant: hospitals and clinics are best avoided all together unless absolutely necessary. Mask up, wash and sanitize hands at every opportunity, keep a safe distance, wait for empty elevators.