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Buying masks & hand sanitizers (central Europe)

Hi! Planning a trip to Prague and Budapest. How easy/hard is it to find masks and hand sanitizer, within the city center areas?
I'm thinking there might be something of a price mark-up, but curious as to availability. The question here being: buy there - or - try to drag along extras for trip?

Thanks in advance

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I’ve had to experiment with various types of masks before settling on one that works well for me, so I’m bringing as many of my own with me as I’m going to need.

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In Budapest and i suspect in Prague you can walk into any pharmacy and get both. They will sell you one mask or a box. In Budapest this will be for your peace of mind, as no mask wearing is required for anything (except medical facilities). A month ago the number of people in masks was one in 100 at most. Just a heads up so you know what to expect.

Pharmacies will look like this:
and you can spot the green cross pretty easily. They are all over town or google for the nearest:

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Neither items takes up much space, so we just bring what we need. But I am sure the local drugstores carry the products. Just look for the green "+".

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I asked this question regarding my trip to Germany in 8 days. For me, not all N95s (or FFP2s) are the same and I need one that will not fog my eyeglasses and whose straps go around my ears as opposed to around my head. So I decided to pack my own. I don’t want to waste time or money buying masks that I find out after I open them are too tight, too uncomfortable, or fog my glasses. I am bringing one travel size bottle of hand sanitizer to have with me on the flight and if I need more, I’m sure it will be as convenient for me to purchase as it would be for you.