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Share tips on packing light, travel gear, etc

Pack light. Share your creative tricks to fit your world into a small bag for a European trip. Or, since we all slip a goofy little extra in, which soothing, handy, or fun packing extravagances can you justify? If it is about packing for your big trip, discuss here.

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Quilting Safety Pins to secure RS Hidden Pocket
Lo 11
How do you pack for 1 (or 2) night stands?
Maria 27
Joining the packing cube cult?
Jane 43
Travelers Choice Carryon
Terry 16
My source for teeny toiletry containers
LIZinPA 23
one month Europe by car: best family luggage ?
bucephale 7
lightweight jeans?
rizell 30
Neck Pillow
stmurray2 11
Spinner Experience
Frank II 49
Which Company DSLR Cam is best?
tommod 9
traveling pants and waterproof rain jacket
BethFL 40
Alternative to Euro Flight Bag?
stoutfella 8
Best shoulder sling type bag/purse
Judy 32
What items did you pack and not use
emd9930 81
What did you not pack that you now consider essential?
cala 30
Packing light for two weeks and various climates
mountainmama 28
Civita day pack or similar
Darlene 14
The trade offs of ultralight luggage
Cindy H 46
Travel CPAP and Traveling Light
markwelch2506 18
RS Carry on Classic vs. Convertible? And then the Day Bags...???
dhgritz25 8
Recommend a wheeler/carry-on for big laptop
Barbra 14
moleelee72 27
Two Useful New-ish Products
acraven 19
Luggage or accessory requests from Santa?
Kim 43
Favorite Light-weight Cary-on for Lufthansa
Amy 12
Current Frontier Airline Baggage Rules
Sun-Baked in... 2
« Underseat bags »
reynolds-denise 28
packing light but bringing back goodies?
tracey 18
Carry on Trekking Poles
vandrabrud 15
Prana Halle pants for women on sale
Lola 3
25 Best Gifts for Traveler's
Janis 25
Backback and small day pack?
dhgritz25 15
Crossbody bag that carries waterbottle
jajomax 44
Will Euro flight bag fit Lufthansa size limits for personal item
Chris 8
Packing and luggage help for cruise and land travel
Chris 13
Disappearing Washrag
rwl_pml 27
RS Veloce Guide Bag for iPad
Carol 7
Personal item ???
horsewoofie 13
dhgritz25 23
Do you pack by "daily outfit" or by "type" ?
Laura B 46
Why didn't I listen to you, Rick? Packing
paulawilsonpsl 42
Light luggage
Ina 19
Carry-on for Kids with Odd Specifications
kidsbikestravel 10
Seeking Neck Pillow Recommendations
Continental 15
Need advice on buying international carry on luggage
bange 23
advice on suitcases for family travel
Jody 6
A big THANK YOU to this community!
Geraldine 7
carry on bags size enforced?
Doc 29
I have gone over to the dark side of travel!!!
don 34
Packing for Germany in December
Brian W 16