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Talk up your favorite tastes in Europe

Europe is delicious. Whether you want to banter about breakfast or beer, it's all on the menu in this section of our travel forum.

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Excellent wine shop in Orvieto. Great tasting
bill 1
Pot de creme in Paris
kay1864 1
New options in Milano
Laurel 2
What dish says "I'm on vacation!" for you?
avirosemail 53
Restaurant suggestions for Milan and Varenna
suzi.schufeldt 7
No English Breakfast tea in Germany! Brexit?
Lola 23
The Best Ice Cream in Paris?
Janis 14
Nutrition Facts Labels
buceri 7
Good restaurant in Cordoba, Spain
patleehey 1
Classy dining; second-guessing your choices
avirosemail 40
New Restaurants with "Chefs Surprise".
Jan 11
Curious, cooking & Celiac
Linda 13
Portugal and the Douro River Valley
sanjaysrik 4
Scotland Inverness food recommendation
AlanBush 0
Food on Plane - What Would You Take?
Andrea 34
Cheese headache?
avirosemail 8
Looking for Madrid train station recommendations
w 4
apéro dînatoire is French for early bird special
avirosemail 7
Hot tea in Italy?
jhtin56 10
Granada Tapas Tour
Peterson... 2
Dining recommendations in Ljubljana
Wanderlust58 6
Great Restaurant - Toledo, Spain
Cathy S 6
Restaurants in the 6th Arrondissement/Luxembourg Gardens?
mk 7
Is it polite to share an entree or request "doggy bags" at restaurants in Spain and...
bkinn_1 7
Foie gras
vlkilgore 4
Gluten free accomodations
hln.explorer 0
Need Advice on Preparing a British Tea for Family
Sun-Baked in... 46
Netherlands Food
ET 17
Cardiac low sodium, no added salt diet
jpfluecke 4
Foods with sentimental value
lnbsig 10
Buying picnic supplies - quantity terminology?
avirosemail 7
Cheese before the mains, or after? How about both?
avirosemail 31
Eating Europe Black Friday Discounts
horsewoofie 12
Cheese similar to Reblochon for Tartiflette?
Lola 10
Where to get breakfast at O'Hare (ORD), and are they operational?
avirosemail 8
What foods do you miss?
Anna 39
Your most memorable fondue? Why?
avirosemail 30
Culinary Tour in Southern Italy, October 2021
Lola 5
Your favorite authentic European restaurant or shop in your hometown
Jean 64
No alcohol or coffee...or tea
the.rogers1998 25
Birthday dinner in Venice
Michelle 5
Who's been cooking as a Salute to your travel memories?
lizthemadhatter 28
Italian Cooking instead of travel
Jean 14
Home kitchen versions of great restaurant dishes -- Toledo style
avirosemail 3
Amusing travel stories
Libby 9
more on sausages, for Memorial Day
avirosemail 33
When is a duck not a duck? In Lyon
avirosemail 10
Questionable eating advice
kb1942 34
Sarah Murdoch
Kristen 17
Peanut Allergy in Portugal
cameronf197 4