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Food & Drink

Talk up your favorite tastes in Europe

Europe is delicious. Whether you want to banter about breakfast or beer, it's all on the menu in this section of our travel forum.

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Home kitchen versions of great restaurant dishes -- Toledo style
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Amusing travel stories
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more on sausages, for Memorial Day
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When is a duck not a duck? In Lyon
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Questionable eating advice
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Sarah Murdoch
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Peanut Allergy in Portugal
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Has anyone had a real mauresque recently?
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What are the European equivalents of Denny's and TGIFridays ?
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Introvert anxious about dining out in Rome
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Menus in English - good or bad?
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Vegan during the Venice, Florence, Rome tour.
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Devour Food Tours Rome
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Edinburgh food tours
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Your fave drink discoveries of '19? (Esp. aperitifs, wine, liqueurs, but brews welcome,...
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Elegant Place in Paris for cocktails or wine
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Substitute for Montasio cheese?
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Ah yes - fast food
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Food Tour Stockholm?
GB 9
Food sensitivities & travel
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You CAN teach an old dog new tricks - coffee
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How to get the check?
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European parliament votes to ban single-use plastics
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November in Bad Ischl: Your favorite restaurants & markets
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recommendations for collapsible bottle
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Best Gnocchi in Rome
ownedby3 13
Best Gelato in Rome
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Why do many from a rich country say "We enjoy food" when asking for travel advice?
Jazz+Travels 45
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What is the Best Restaurant App for Portugal?
toddbclark 3
Mass market food and drink?
Philip 12
Fantastic Norwegian food
nosemarie 0
Beware of Picnicking in Venice and Florence
Anthony Don 13
Root Beer
Michael... 23
Indoor Drinking Fountains -- rarer in Europe than the USA?
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How to avoid diet issues when on a cruise ?
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Coffee in Germany and Austria
daisydrum 30
Meat and dairy products are seasonal, too. Not just veggies!
avirosemail 13
Restaurants - Paris
Jersey Joe 8
When an aroma brings a travel memory to mind ...
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Spend some of that leftover foreign currency at McDonald's this week
1885BD 11
Bringing foodie souvenirs home
Justin 18
Rothenburg stay - RS right on the money
aadewitt 1
any wine tasting recommendations for chateauneuf du pape and/or Gigondas?
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Recommendations for a good restaurant in Rome's Jewish Ghetto
Carol B. 11
Calvados Experience in Normandy
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Good food in Paris that isn’t French
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London- Affordable eats
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Dinning in Dublin
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wine bar in Vernazza
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