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Talk up your favorite tastes in Europe

Europe is delicious. Whether you want to banter about breakfast or beer, it's all on the menu in this section of our travel forum.

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The Fun Of Gluten Side Effects, Lactose Intolerance & IBS On Flights
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Travel Water Bottles with Filters
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Early, simple evening meal
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Strasbourg - food & drink
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Restaurant surcharges—-watch out in Spain in particular
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dining in Barcelona
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Restaurants in Spain
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Italian Coffee Culture article
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Cafeteria with a View
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Spain MICHELIN Restaurant Experience (first time)
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A good wine shop in Volterra
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Nice wine shop in Cagliari, Sardinia
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Keswick for my birthday
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What should or shouldn't you eat and drink on a long haul flight?
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Great wine shop in Vienna
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Simple food availability.
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Love Paprika Chips? Here’s why….
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A "tipping" topic
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Difficult dining reservations article
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Dining at Chateau de Pray- buyer beware
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Gluten-Free Pasta Dishes in Rome
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Walking food tour in Rome
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Tipping a Flight Attendant?
Allan 38
Instant oatmeal in Switzerland (specifically Mürren)?
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Rick Steves: The man, the myth, the ... pizza inspiration?
Mike Beebe 4
A new-to-me tipping twist
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Moderately priced restaurants in Monterosso/Cinque Terre
Carl/Sandy 3
Solo diners now being charged double in one London restaurant
Mardee 43
New payment trend in England and paris
jim.piper4061 23
Serving food at the proper temperature-> What do you mean by 'proper'?
avirosemail 21
Eating in your room - it's more than just economical, no?
avirosemail 55
Great Greek restaurant in Bucharest
kelsey.s.cochran 1
Picnic like a pro
Frank II 40
meals on RS tours
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Eating Europe Food Tours 20% off today only!
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Is tipping getting out of control?
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Gluten-free eating in Cinque Terre
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For real parmesan cheese go to Wisconsin
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Il Caminetto near Varenna Italy
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Best European Supermarket Finds
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Dim Sum on trolleys
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Restaurants to Avoid--Tourist Traps
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Vegan in Madrid