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Talk up your favorite tastes in Europe

Europe is delicious. Whether you want to banter about breakfast or beer, it's all on the menu in this section of our travel forum.

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Puglia cuisine
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Chocolate and/or Pastries in Munich, Berlin, Budapest, Prague
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Alcohol limits for drivers in France
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Great Florence Outlier --- Caffe Deco.
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Sète: a treasure trove of coastal cuisine & culture
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Chocolate in London
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Frankfurt and Bacharach for 5 nights...where to eat????
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Food Allergies
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Fresh Fruit in France
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What's fresh in October
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Alberobello, Italy Farm to table Trattoria
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Wonderful Berlin Restaurant
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Vegan Cafe in York, UK (in addition to Rick's reco)
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Budgeting for Meals
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Non-English Menus without a Smart Phone
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French Bread of all types!
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dining in Paris
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Beyond the beer and brats
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car tour tips
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Wheelchair friendly eatery in Florence
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