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Civita Di Bagnoregio

We learned about Civita through Rick Steves, and while travelling in Italy for two weeks, we found this to be one of our most memorable highlights! We were able to stay the night in an Airbnb apartment located right in the square, and literally behind us was a Wine Bar run by a wonderful mom and her daughter (Rachel and Catalina). They taught us about the famous white wines of Orvieto along with the fabulous history of the area. They had a fabulous downstairs wine storage area tunneled into the tufa. They treated us so well, and were very reasonable in cost. A few steps from that, we had one of the best meals of our trip, with a family that runs the Cantina di Arianna. We just asked them to cook us what they wanted, and it was the best pasta and bistecca of the trip. Dad, mom and son out front with the sisters and cousins cooking in the back. Most of it cooked on an open fire in front of us. To die for..

The history, solitude, beauty and ambiance of Civita was a welcomed and well-timed respite from the fast paced cities we visited along the way. Brian and Cathy

I wonder if we were at the same wine bar. Run by a brunette English lady. Downstairs area was a cool cellar type place with tables and chairs. We enjoyed a cheap glass of Orvieto white wine there. Lovely memory for us.

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For those visiting the very popular hilltown of Orvieto in Umbria, Civita is a very worthwhile short bus trip to the southwest. It's really not very far north of Rome.
You have to walk up a long up hill bridge to the little city.

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Yes, that was the same lady and her daughter. She'd been living in Bagnoregio for about 15 years. Wonderful!

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Yes -- Orvieto white wines are some of the few white wines I will make a point of choosing!
You can find a few varieties in the USA from the Ruffino winery, well worth sampling.
I had a memorable bottle once in Trastevere at a lunch that turned into a picnic stroll,
that turned into a bit of a weaving meander as the bottle emptied. :-)