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Toblerone Shrinking

Toblerone bars are shrinking in weight but not the price. Shocking news.

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Before panic sets in, the change is just for the UK market to adjust for the lower valuation of the Pound, keep price the same, hrink the bar rather than raise the price.

About the only thing to glean from that is obviously someone thinks the Pound will be slow to rebound, if it does.

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That is standard US practice for years. Watch the Hershey bar shrink.

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I have seen the pictures of the new bar -- it is an abomination! It looks like they took out every other triangle from the bar.

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Wonder how much it cost them to re-tool the machinery to make the new shape?

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Candy makers have been play this game forever - shrink the candy to keep the price - they think they are fooling us...

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It is equivalent to around an 11% price increase.

Must have been easier to retool the chocolate than the boxes and wrapping, which remain the same size.