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Vegetarian in Iceland- what to eat?

I am going to visit Iceland with my friends within 1 month time. I don't eat meat at all and I'm a bit concerned. I guess Icelanders eat a lot of fish and hot- dogs... Will I die from hunger in there? I can't afford fancy restaurants every day.
Can anyone advise me where to eat, what can I buy in there, to prepare on my own, and what are more or less the costs of vege food? I guess it's all imported and rather expensive.

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Hi Melisa:

I visited Iceland in April 2016. Prepared food prices (ie, restaurants) were high so I went to a small supermarket at the edge of the downtown and purchased food that I prepared at my hotel. Saved a lot of money. However, I was not paying attention as to how much of the food that was for sale was targeted for vegetarians.

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There are many ethnic restaurants with veggie options, at least in Reykjavik. Obviously their food is largely imported so it's pricey. Look at the Reykjavik website (or TripAdvisor) at some restaurant menus to get a feel. They have a very vibrant food scene so you shouldn't worry at all (except for the prices).