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Easter pastries - how many can we list?

There are a lot of traditional pastries associated with this holiday season!
What are your favorites? Where did you have the best ones?
What memories do they bring back?

To get us started, in the Iberian peninsula this time of year you have bunuelos, torrijas, panquemao, and suspiro de monja just for starters. I'm forgetting what the little cakes that look like hooded clerics are called..

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Hot cross buns we used to get when I was a kid from a local bakery that's been gone for about 50 years. I will never forget them, had them every Easter. They were the best ever, melted in your mouth.

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I grew up with Hit Cross buns too. I still find them every year in small bakeries or Fresh Market.
I have a Friend of Polish descent and she talks about Easter Placek. But I'm not sure if it's a pastry or not.

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In Poland, I had Babka (Baba) cake and Makowiec (poppy seed roll) Eastern Orthodox homes, they have Paskha (cake). Easter brings back memories of Grandma's cooking (yum!), little sugar lambs, and Easter services.

I visited Sicily not long ago and learned about their Cassata (ricotta cheese and candied fruit cake) for Easter.

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Simnel Cake is new to me, thanks!
What's this about it being eaten toasted?

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I just eat matzah over Easter. Manishevitz chocolate macaroons were really good back in the day.