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Best of the wurst?

Labor Day Weekend cookouts here in the USA have me thinking about franks 'n' beans.
Chez Avi is featuring bratwurst and knackwurst from Saag's along with baked beans spiced with a little dried ancho chili,

but I'm sitting here reminiscing about some favorite European sausage meals

• cassoulet at a cafe in the Marais that was as close to perfect as humans are capable of. The conversations actually stopped as the waiter brought out the dish, so eye- and nose-catching was the bowl.

• Cumberland sausage done for vegetarians at a B&B on the south coast of England as part of the full breakfast. We had specifically picked a place that advertised accommodations suitable for vegetarians and non-smokers, and were pleasantly surprised by the flavorful and high-quality menu items.

What have been your most memorable sausage meals in Europe?

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Our favorite wurst memories were the Thuringer style brats found on our eastern German trip 4 years ago YUM. We just returned from 3 weeks in south western Germany and the bratwurst that we have been accustom to were few and far between. Our choices day in and out were red würstle or weisswurst, neither of which are my we ate other things.

Two other style really stand out to me, the Regensburger and Nuremberg little bratwurst with sauerkraut. Now my mouth is watering but I went to the store today and bought some to grill tonight!!!

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Polish sausage up in the Tatras mountains. Delicious sausage with an unbelievable view.

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Eating wursts at an outdoor wurstel stand in Vienna as it started to snow. And wursts at various stalls at the Christmas market in Munich.

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Black pudding at breakfast in Ireland and the UK. No particular place in mind. We also had a really good slice of Lorne sausage on the ferry from Islay to Kennecraig.

A hot dog with everything from Baejarins Beztu Pylsur in Reykjavik. The sausage itself is a delectable mixture of meats, including lamb, steamed in beer, and the toppings perfectly complement it.

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Nurenburger brats and Glühwein during Christkindlesmarkt. A variety of wursts at Porcus in Strasbourg. Wild boar sausage in Como. Cassoulet in Cucugnan. The list is endless and delicious. The wurst is yet to come! 🌭 Sardinia, two weeks from today. Mangia!

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"Eating wursts at an outdoor wurstel stand in Vienna as it started to snow."

I'm so insanely jealous of your experience: it had to be pure magic.

This isn't exactly a wurst experience, but my wife were wandering around the 7th in Paris looking for a place to eat lunch. We stumbled on a little corner cafe with a menu all in French. We decided to roll the dice and get by with the minuscule amount of French I know. I order the plat du jour and a little later a bowl of lentils with two enormous sausages was brought to our table. It was the best meal I had in Paris that entire trip. It was so simple, yet so astoundingly good. A glass of white wine or two later and I was enjoying the murmur of quietly spoken French surrounding me and just being in the moment. For 15 euro, I didn't get just a meal, I got a memory that will last a lifetime.

-- Mike Beebe

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Schmidt Alsacian deli/charcuterie at one of the Paris Gare de l'Est metro exits had a hot dog stand outside back in the last century. Coming up the steps I'd already be dreaming of the crispy baguette heated through the middle on a metal stick, the plump, juicy dog inserted inside, and the head-clearing Dijon mustard. Oh la la la la.

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Each of these comments is like a postcard -- wish I was there!

The occasion or the setting is just as important as the dish, maybe more.
Here's another

• Tiny red chorizo and small brown bottles of beer at a neighborhood bar in the Creu del Grau of Valencia while everyone cheers the futbol match on the TV over the bar, with lottery tickets dangling along the bottom of the screen, smokers leaning through the open windows from outside, and the counterman slicing jamon on the apparatus, jaw clenched in concentration. Everyone cleans their plate with fresh crusty bread. Fingers and toothpicks for the regulars, cutlery for the delicate visitor :-)

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In Vienna you must go to this little place: ::Leberkaus-Pepi.... Oh oh oh ... so good.