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Seeking help~

Britain is one of the country I most want to go. I want to know which places are most worthwhile to seek for popular drinks.
Most of the time, we will mention British afternoon tea When we talk about Britain. But we known little about the favorite black tea of the Europeans. I would like to have a try and travel British next Month.
Do you have any advice for that?

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My friends across the pond snicker when the subject of having a "proper afternoon tea" comes up. None of them have done it, although one of them refers to supper as "tea." And yes, they drink as much or more coffee as tea.

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We have tea with milk here, where in Britain do you intend to visit might help us to help you

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Yes, maybe more detail on what you might be interested in. Many tourists like to do the "Proper Tea" which as someone noted is more a meal than just tea and priced typically more than the average meal since it is offered in more "upscale" locations. If in London, a visit to Twinings Tea Shop is worthwhile, large variety, an opportunity to taste as well.

Aside from that, for drinks, the local Pub is as good a spot as any, if you consume alcohol. There are a variety of Cask Ales, trying the Cider is a must, even a Gin and Tonic, especially on made with any of the several gins from smaller distilleries (Sipsmith is one of my favorite), can be seen as a "British" thing to do. If it is Summer, having a Pim's is nice.

If you enjoy Markets, then you can find lots of stalls offering a variety of fruit drinks, smoothies, or frappes.

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Places for popular drinks? Where in GB are you visiting? England? Scotland? Wales? Alcoholic drinks? Beer/ales or hard liquor? Non alcoholic?

Head to the nearest pub and ask what's on tap for ales or ciders. In Scotland, if you're serious about sampling whats local, do a distillery tour to sample the single malts. Have a g&t or a Pimms at a pub anywhere in England.

As mentioned, afternoon tea is a late afternoon meal involving sandwiches, cakes, and pastries, with tea as the beverage. If you are only referring to tea as a beverage, Europeans aren't big tea drinkers. Even the British drink a lot more coffee than you may think. Unless the menu offers options, if you order a cuppa, you'll get a generic, blended black tea. Or you may see a choice on the menu that might include one or 2 breakfast teas, single leaf teas such as Assam, Darjeeling, Oolong, and at least one kind of Earl Grey. You're likely familiar with Twinings, since it's widely sold in North America. They have their flagship store on the Strand in London. But you're just as likely to get the same stuff in your neighborhood supermarket.

Non alcoholic? Tip: if you order a lemonade, it will be something like 7up or Sprite. If you want an American lemonade, look for the words squash or cordial.

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Thanks eveyone here.
London is the place where my tour wants to go.
It seems that I really do not understand the local habits, but it does not matter, I think I will have an unexpected surprise when I go.
Good luck~

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You can find there lots of restaurants and pubs offering national cuisine. Try their craft beer. There is an awe some Ye Olde Mitre pub, it is rather hard to find but definitely worth visiting.
There are plenty of little interesting places hidden from tourists' eyes.
Anyway, when looking for a place to eat or drink at, website can be of great help for you. It has gahered all the information about various venues, from the menu and opening hours to visitors opinions from all popular services (tripadvisor, facebook, google) By the way you can make search by cuisine or certain dish there)