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Dukoral and Drinking Bottled Water

I would love some opinions as to whether or not we should take Dukoral before our trip to Europe this September. Going to Venice, Rome, Santorini and Athens. Not sure if needed. Do any of you bother? Also what are your opinions as to drinking bottled water vs filling up your water bottle from the many public taps in Venice and Rome? Thinking that perhaps it Greece bottled water may be a good idea but I may be wrong. All opinions are appreciated. Thanks.

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Are you at risk while traveling? I wouldn't take Dukoral or similar in advance. Eat a healthy diet, rest, stay hydrated, wash your hands. As for bottled water, if the locals are drinking it, so am I. Enter a grocery store and if you see loads of bottled water displays with average locals buying same, that tips the scale.

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It has never occurred to me to take preventive medicine for a European trip. I think you should discuss this with your doctor.

Any potable water source should be safe in western Europe. (Don't drink the tap water in St. Petersburg, Russia!) I assume people are still being told to drink bottled water on the Greek island of Skiathos, where the tap water is brackish. I believe there's another Greek Island for which someone mentioned the desirability of bottled water, but I don't remember which one it was. I bet someone here will be able to provide that information. If not, your guide book should certainly cover this.

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why take something you most likely will never need. might be worth considering bringing something like Imodium to take should you have a problem.
I live in Europe have travelled all over the continent for well over 40 years and have seldom had a problem and no more or less than I would have at home.
water in all the places you mention is perfectly drinkable but if you want to drink bottled water then do so.

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I have never had an issue drinking water from the public water fountains in Italy that are for drinking.

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Unless you are too fragile to travel without an escort aide, this is completely unnecessary. There are many dangers, like sandwiches put on display and not sold promptly, or unwashed food-preparing hands, that it doesn't protect against. There is no need to drink bottled water or take a (very limited, in the case of the drug you named) protective pill.

I've been to Europe 50 times, and have always drunk the tap water. You are acting on 75- year old, and older warnings. They don't apply, today. Come to New Jersey and drink some methyl ethyl tertiary ether at my house in Bergen County!

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"I have never had an issue drinking water from the public water fountains in Italy that are for drinking."

I agree, and have bolded the pertinent part. Some fountains are labeled "non-drinkable water" in the local language (such as the Italian "acqua non potabile"). But if you see locals filling up water bottles or drinking from fountains, it's fine for you to drink it.