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Preventing jet lag

What has worked best for you? We'll leave Seattle at 10:00 a.m., have a 3-hour layover in New York City that night, arrive Paris noon the next day.
Thank you.

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My suggestion would be to go to the Destination Q & A forum where you can post questions about each country?

There has just been a long set of postings about jet lag.

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Snooze when you can and once in Paris stay awake until at least 8pm - you should be back on track the next day.

When you are tired you need food - it helps the body with extra energy

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On the day of your arrival, stay outside in the sun and fresh air as much as possible. Do a lot of walking. Have an early dinner about 8 p.m. or so and then go to bed. Your body clock should be back on schedule the next morning.

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I do not get Jet Lag going, I get it when I get home (I live on the West/best coast too!) . Sounds like you'r travel day will a normal day and and since you are getting up early for the 10:00am flight (I am thinking you will arrive at the airport around 6am, that means up at 5ish depending on how far you are from the airport?) you should be good and tired by the time you board the Flight from NYC to Paris, sleep on the plane and hit the ground running in Paris. By the time you get to your lodgings it may be about 2:00 PM, go walk around your neighborhood, get something to eat and in bed by 9PM or 10 and you should be all set for the next day. I would not visit a museum but stay outdoors walking around. FUN!! So Jealous

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Here's a lengthy recent thread on the subject:

If you do a search here, you'll find many older threads. Search on this website is hard to find. If you're on a desktop or laptop (screen wider than it is high), look to the right of the RICK STEVES EUROPE banner on the upper left, and you'll see a light grey magnifying glass and the word "Search" in light blue-grey. If you're on a tablet or phone (screen higher than it is wide), on the upper left you'll see five horizontal bars. Click these, and the first thing is the Search box (again hard to see - it's above the Logout and About Rick options).

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Thank you all, especially the search instructions. I tried to search before starting a thread but didn't find it.

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Trial and error. What works for one person may not work for another. Some of us don't even bother trying to prevent it (after trying on multiple trips). We just accept that it will happen and plan around it.

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You can't really prevent jet lag; you can only minimize the effects. When you arrive in Paris, it will be 3 AM back home and your body will expect it to be sleep time. The best thing you can do is get out in the sunshine when you body expects it to be dark so it will start to adjust.

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If you wear a watch, set it to your destination time as soon as you board the plane for your overnight flight. Try not to look at it too often.