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Food & Drink

Talk up your favorite tastes in Europe

Europe is delicious. Whether you want to banter about breakfast or beer, it's all on the menu in this section of our travel forum.

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Be Sure to Check Centers for Disease Prevention on Vaccinations
williamsonb 5
Eating in Helsinki
fecher5 3
Wine Cellar in Barcelona
beatriuord 0
Hema Tip, Amsterdam
bclemes 7
Tapas Tip, Barcelona
bclemes 2
Local aperitifs in southern France
cgichard 7
Caveau des Vignerons in Amboise: no free tastings and decidedly not friendly
mrwilcoxen 10
Vegetarian in Iceland- what to eat?
melisa.branovsky 2
The Malt Room - Inverness, Scotland
sphar4 0
Food and drink basics that we experienced in Budapest, Vienna, Salzburg and Munich
dpalmier53 4
Okay, I am taking your "Great Vienna Restaurants" suggestions here, for Br, L, and D
Shelley 11
Where is your favorite place for Pizza in Rome?
Will 13
First it was warm beer, now it's un-refrigerated eggs. What next?
avirosemail 58
Food budget for Europe?
vitani88 9
Ireland - Best Thing I Ever Ate
Donna 14
which food or drink must be tried in France?
twist6015 14
Food provided in Hearts of France Tour
marbroderick23 12
cooking classes in Lisbon
corinne 1
First time traveling with a food allergy
Tamara 4
Gluten-free in Italy
mrp 4
Eating in Venice
likes2travel 5
Cooking Classes in Munich?
melissa m 0
traveling with group in France, separate checks? reservations?
shawn 13
Civita Di Bagnoregio
cathyseattle 4
I going to France recently but I have a question.
twist6015 6
Restaurant Recommendations (Lucerne, Weggis, Bern, and Spiez)
Jerseygrl 3
Seeking help~
chenyswhite 8
Beer tours
engineer.elliot 7
Suggestions on "hole in the wall" places to eat in Rome
smith.carolyn91 9
What have you been drinking?
avirosemail 33
Easter pastries - how many can we list?
avirosemail 7
Allergic to Chocolate
horsewoofie 10
sensitive to cow dairy
horsewoofie 7
Croissant in Paris
kevin.j.cleary 16
Dukoral and Drinking Bottled Water
liz 6
Gluten Intolerant & some hot spice sensitivity
judy.ambler7 12
Fall 2016 Italy trip Best restaurants
Jeff 4
culture reflected in butchery, baking, dining, etc.
avirosemail 14
No recommendations
UncleGus 27
Ordering from a menu in Paris
Sue 22
Think we can continue the "Coffee Talk" on this thread?
Shelley 16
Toblerone Shrinking
Bruce 6
French recommendations
snerfling 7
We were soooo close!
jillmc 16
easy travel snack
Cary 21
Food Tips for Greece
commila 1
European dining habits surveyed by Nielsen
avirosemail 8
Travel Treats and Survival Food
Sun-Baked in... 8
Best of the wurst?
avirosemail 9
Preventing jet lag