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Mass market food and drink?

Does anybody have any favourite foods or drinks in Europe that are not in any way "gourmet" or "traditional" but which you just like? My personal favourites are Rotkaeppchen sparkling wine in Germany, and Pick Up! chocolate sandwich biscuits.

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Philip, I was just thinking I needed to start stockpiling Jaffa cakes, McV's digestive biscuits, Yorkies and Tiptree jams, just in case, you know, there are disruptions. 😊

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Dark chocolate-lime Lindt bars are available in Europe but not in the states. Yum! I've picked up a few bars on my last couple trips.

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Potato chip flavors like Lamb and Mint or others made with real meat powder (mostly found in the UK and Ireland) or Porcini with mushroom powder (memorably made by Lay's Bulgaria). I despair of waiting for US manufacturers to adopt this type of ingredient. They're stuck in a rut of using artificial smoke and "new" flavors that are mostly a rehash of old flavors. Potato chips are hard to carry home unbroken, but I've managed.

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German baking ingredients, like vanilla sugar or poppy seed filling. Dallmayr coffee. Dark chocolate, name your brand:). Seems we always find a new "favorite" to add to the stockpile we bring home. That's why I always pack a sturdy, fold-flat tote-it becomes my carry on when we come home. Who cares if the dirty laundry in the checked bag is delayed for a day or two? (Onve we had a TSA agent joke that he needed to subject my hubby's carry-on to the E.A.T. test.)

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Peach Kløver in Denmark and Danish soft ice (preferably from Polar Is).

Fresh home made Tatar and Bärenmarke milk 3.8% in Germany (Frischmilch, not H-Milch).

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Turron / Guirlache is so much milkier and fresh in Spain!
Just be careful not to lose your dental work :_)

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@Doug.Spindler: Quark

Vermont Creamery sells Quark on the E. Coast. If you have a Whole Foods near you, try looking there.