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Peanut Allergy in Portugal

I wanted to write this as when i was looking at going on holiday with my now ex girlfriend last summer, she kept suggesting Alvor in Portugal and there was virtually no information on nut allergens holidays to Portugal. Being a peanut allergy sufferer i was nervous, but she pushed me as she always did saying it would be fine and she would look after me as she had been here many times.

And im bloody glad she did. Alvor is one of the most gorgeous villages ive ever been too and to top it all off the restaurants there were fantastic with my allergy. They were all so attentive and knowledgeable and spoke perfect english.

2 restaurants in particular O tourno de Alvor or "steak in a car park" as we called it was delicious and the staff were excellent there. Atrium 13 was also great, they had sate on their menu and i was hesitant but she pushed me and said itll be fine and sure enough the staff were great and there was no issues. I could have everything, except the sate. Sometimes you need someone you love to give you a push.

Anyone who is looking to go to Portugal, look no further than Alvor, especially allergy sufferers. The food is delicious the area is lovely and picturesque and everything is so well priced. Can get a pint of beer for less than a euro in places.

I will 100% return one day, minus the ex girlfriend of course

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they had sate on their menu and i was hesitant

What is sate? I googled that but did not see anything.
Is that a different spelling for satay?