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Food Tour Stockholm?


I will be travelling to Stockholm in the spring with my husband and I was looking at food tours. Has anyone used Food Tours Stockholm? Or, does anyone have any recommendations for other tour companies? Thank you!

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We love Sweden and Stockholm in particular but it is not a foodie destination. Herring and more herring. I can’t imagine a good tour there.

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I just wanted to chime in to say that I disagree with the last post. There is plenty of great food in Stockholm and you don’t need to like herring to eat well.

I am not familiar with this company so cannot render an opinion other than to say I think their tour on Södermalm would be the most interesting for me.

While Stockholm has everything from sausage stands (korv kiosk) to Michelin star restaurants, whenever I visit, I make sure to get a cardamom bun (from a good bakery), eat lunch at Rosendals Trädgårdskafe, and visit Östermalms Saluhall.

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I did not do a food tour in Stockholm. Instead I took an archipelago boat tour. But I definitely will take a food tour when I go back. I find that in addition to the food, they are a nice exposure to different neighborhoods. My favorite food tour so far was in Copenhagen.
You will love Stockholm.

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Sorry, but if you think Swedish food is just herring, you don't know what you're talking about.

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I think Suki meant to say Seafood overall is a big treat there not just only herring.

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Last time we were in Stockholm we went to see Vasa Museum with Anastasia Travel and they suggested some places worth paying a visit to. Although they did make gourmet tours, you have to organize in advance with them.

So, we ended up booking a 4 hours long food and walking tour around Stockholm markets. We sampled some great cheese and meat in Ostermalmshallen and had seafood for lunch at one of the cities' markets. Afterwards we walked to a different place in the city center for deserts. We made couple of stops around the city for sampling traditional Swedish food and our last stop was for some coffee where we had the chance to enjoy the best cinnamon rolls in town. We also bought some to take with us. Sorry, but I can't remember all the little places we visited.

Make sure you get on that tour hungry, or you won't enjoy it as much :)

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We ate at many excellent restaurants in Stockholm,recommendations from our Swedish friends who live there and also from their relatives. Loved Stockholm but don’t go there for the food.