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Travel Treats and Survival Food

List your best travel treats here. I was recently turned- on to Krave and Oberto Jerky. Really like the stuff. Great for traveling when you don't want to load up on sugar, fat, and calories. I originally avoided jerky because years ago, a good friend gave me a piece of gourmet beef jerky. It was tough to chew and the flavor did not interest me. Hard on the jaw joints and could be used to repair the bottom of a shoe. I thought that if this is the best jerky out there - then forget it all. I now like the jerky brands I mentioned and will be traveling with it.

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I always travel with some unsalted dry roasted almonds & some dried fruit.

But when traveling around Europe, I always go to the local supermarket & buy a couple
milk chocolate bars ( the selection is amazing!), along with some fresh seasonal fruit.
When walking around, my favorite treat is gelato or ice cream! I know, it's loaded with sugar, fat & calories, but since we walk so much, all those extra calories don't matter, because we just walk them off ;-)

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Priscilla, besides, gelato or ice cream is high in fluid, and we know how important it is to stay hydrated while traveling!!!!

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Fig bars, peanut butter M&Ms, homemade trail mix. Hubby & I like to have dark chocolate in our room.

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I assume you re traveling to Europe. Unless you need fortification for a technical climb in the alps, bring just the snacks you need for the plane. You will be surrounded by yummy alternatives to the everyday stuff you eat in the states. You really want to bring beef jerky? Are you really going to worry about sugar, fat and calories? You're on vacation! Diet when you get home!

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For the plane: unsalted mixed nuts and a dark chocolate bar. For my room: digestives (biscuits) and the closest thing to ginger ale that I can case of illness.

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I love jerky - its my go to snack. That is what I take everywhere.

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I've had to eat gluten free for a long time, so carrying along enough food to keep me from starving has become second nature. When I fly I try to always have some fruit like a cut up apple with a squeeze of fresh lime juice or a bag of grapes... some babybell or string cheese or cheddar in individual packs... mixed nuts, of course... Costco's "jerky" which is actually more like beef nuggets ... gluten free too! TJMaxx/Home Goods always has some kind of unique gluten free cookie and, while I don't eat that kind of stuff very often, I do keep some around for travel.
My gluten free meals on Delta this summer were of similar quality to my husband's meals (in some cases, the same items), and I do think Delta has upped their game a little. Everything was edible :), there were a variety of things on the tray, we got more snacks than we expected, and a bottle of water after dinner, before they turned down the lights. Plenty to eat on the flight.

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I always bring a few Lara and Clif bars, perfect just-in-case snack when I'm not near food, and they've been breakfast in my room on more than one occasion. We have See's Candy here in California and I like to bring a little something from home for my sweet tooth, usually their cashew brittle covered in white chocolate. Yes, there is plenty of wonderful candy in Europe but sometimes I want something familiar and comforting.