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Covid and travel insurance

Hi all,

So here is a good news story. My sister was with us on a NatGeo cruise of the Inside Passage in Alaska in June. A few days into the trip she was diagnosed with covid. She was confined to her cabin for the remainder of the trip. She was well taken care of by NatGeo/Lindblad while on board the ship. They did her laundry, brought her whatever she wanted to eat or drink and gave her free wifi. The doctor and cruise director checked in with her multiple times of day. Nonetheless she did not get to enjoy the cruise that she had paid for. She put in a claim with Travel Guard when she got home but her expectations were low for any reimbursement. She had to jump through quite a few hoops with the insurance including resubmitting info that she had already submitted. She just heard that the insurance is going to cover the days that she lost on the cruise. So I know a lot of us have had a difficult time in the past couple of years with travel insurance but maybe things are turning around now that the insurance companies aren’t swamped with covid claims.

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That is good news! I have also had good experiences with Travel Guard. Glad your sister at least got some monetary compensation for her disappointing trip.

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Thanks, Linda. I had some trouble with Travel Guard last year but that was one time after years of good service. So I am happy for my sister even though her trip was spoiled. She at least got some of her money back. Now we are back to making new travel plans for a trip together next year.