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Travel insurance coverage for Covid

I'm a bit confused regarding current policies. Do all the comprehensive policies now cover Covid, or only certain policies? In looking at Travel Guard, for example, their policies do not directly mention Covid. Perhaps it is now a given, unlike at the height of the pandemic?

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It depends on the policy and the company, I believe. Even if not specifically called out, most plans require the authorization of a physician to have medical services or an extended stay for sickness covered (you have to read the fine print). On Squaremouth, you can specifically search for plans that cover COVID, if that's what you're wanting to do:

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What exactly do you want them to cover? Costs of medical treatment (which your ordinary health insurance may cover)? Or loss of enjoyment of your trip if confined to hotel? Its a bit nebulous now that its a known risk like other infectious diseases.

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I went with FAYE for their covid, coverage in 2022. Evacuation and medical included.

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What I learned when I was shopping for insurance about a month ago is that most policies treat covid like any other illness. I also found that it you download and search the full policy document, it is usually mentioned somewhere. Before purchasing insurance, I requested the covid information.

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Thanks, everyone. I have purchased comprehensive policies prior to covid, so am aware of what to look for. I just wasn't sure if I needed to look for anything special with regard to Covid. My last trip was well before the pandemic.

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This does not answer your question, but I would like to offer a bit of advice. Check the company to see WHO handles their claims. I had a super horrible experience with a company that used a third-party claims manager (called Broadspire). I got Covid-19 in 2021 in Greece, as did a few others on that tour. The others got their claims paid; I got ZERO. I won't go through the whole thing, but we all had Covid-19 policies and some got ALL their expenses reimbursed. I didn't even get my medical expenses reimbursed. So beware. The company I used was Tin Leg and it's highly recommended from the Squaremouth group of companies (recommendation from Forbes). Now I only use Travel Insured. I've fortunately never had to file another claim, but I have more confidence that their in-house claims system is better than Tin Leg's. (Tin Leg no longer uses Broadspire to manage their claims because it was such a disaster)

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My question is a little different about Covid and Travelguard. We were on a RS tour and tested positive for Covid, so we were off the tour. Understand completely. RS is providing a partial refund, great. We also bought a Travelguard policy and wonder if anyone has some experience with them? Since in Europe there is no quarantine requirement anymore ( we were told by the doctor for Travelguard) we are going to continue with our trip. However, once we were off the RS portion, we have had to pay for our hotels, transportation and some group meals. We are hoping that Travelguard will pay for some of those. Has anyone faced this situation?