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Trip Interruption Insurance if get Covid or sick, for a few days?

Last year I had a great policy from Seven Corners that covered "Trip Delay" -- for $100 you get max $2000 coverage if you get officially QUARANTINED for covid and need to cover hotel, etc, flight change fees . Now, of course, you won't be quarantined or kicked off tours. But you may have to stay behind if you don't feel well enough to travel.
So what are the best policies for this type of situation - can anyone recommend one that specifically deals with interruption for covid or flu while on a trip? OR -- Is the only option now full Medical/Illness Trip Cancellation?

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I wish there was an easy answer to your question. You will need to compare policies and read fine print to discover what is covered and what is not. I think the biggest source of dissatisfaction for people in terms of travel insurance is thinking that they are covered for one thing, having an event or claim, and then discovering that their insurance won't pay since it wasn't covered under the policy. They had assumed in advance it was covered and it is an unpleasant surprise to find it was not.

There are sites such as insuremytrip that allow you to compare policies. In the end, it is up to you to do the research and reading to know what you are covered for.