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Rescheduling a trip

Has anyone rescheduled a trip for reasons of health or other unforseen circumstances? Not a refund ,a change of dates?? Thank you !

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Hi, Chriss,

There are many people here who have rescheduled trips for various reasons. But it would help to know what information you are looking for. And keep in mind that a lot depends on travel insurance, the airline, the destination and the reason. All the more reason to be specific with your question. 😊

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Yes, many times. I just did this a few weeks ago. As mentioned, there are several variables that can make this easier or harder, depending.

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Yes, of course. Do you mean a tour? Just call the office; they'll bend over backwards to help.

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Yes, several times due to health issues.
I always have trip insurance in case of situations like mine.
I have rebooked a trip a year later, flights, hotels, etc.

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Has anyone rescheduled a trip for reasons of health or other unforseen

Heck, yeah. All the time (in fact, twice already this week...and it's just Tuesday morning!). Dealing with "unforseen circumstances" and changing realities is the new normal. Stay as flexible as you can be, try to roll with the punches, and don't let changes completely knock you off balance.

Are you talking about flight reservations, a tour you've booked, or just general plans? And – critically important – how far ahead of your actual travel? Changes long in advance, maybe no big deal (and sometimes to be expected). Changes at the last minute...that's something else entirely.

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Yes. For me, it’s stress-free & easy to do. I travel round-trip to Europe on points on Delta so I just have them re-deposited. With lodging, I don’t pay in advance and always pick the option to cancel or change a reservation within 24 to 72 hours depending upon what the inn or hotel allows.

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I canceled a RS Tour and refundable airfare in August for a September trip. I rebooked both for the same dates and saved $1400 on airfare as it had gone down since I booked it in January. It was worth it to have refundable airfare, refund came within a couple of days. I lost the Extra Comfort Seats on Delta for the departure, but it was worth saving on the total cost. We lost hotel reservations using Marriott Points, which by August were not available. We just rebooked the hotel and paid for it.

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I'm going to assume you mean airplane reservations - There are no longer fees for changing flights, routes, anything on US carriers. The $$ would go back into your account, GOOD FOR ONE YEAR usually, or you can change it yourself on the website if it's just a date change. There may be a change in price, depending upon what's happened to prices. I probably change 2-3 flights per year, that's just how it goes.