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International vaxx requirements?

Hello, All,

If this question isn't allowed, please let me know and/or delete...

We are a family of 4 excitedly planning our first European trip at the end of next year. I know requirements regarding the covid vaxx and other issues like that can change, but I've been trying to find the tourist entry requirements for England, Amsterdam and Italy and unless I'm not looking in the right places, I'm not finding anything current. Are covid shots/records mandatory for visits to these places? Does one need to be fully vaxxed to enter these areas?

Thank you for your help!!

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To my knowledge, no European country is enforcing any vaccination requirements of any kind. If you look on the CDC site, they have a "Yellow Book" portion which discusses travel vaccines, but there are no specific ones for Europe.

Of course, having your normal recommended vaccines for children, plus up to date Flu, and maybe tetanus vaccines is a good idea.

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Nope, none required right now AFAIK.

As said already, things can change at any time, but the trend has certainly been for lessening of restrictions and requirements.

What hasn't been said yet, but is objectively true, is that COVID - and other respiratory diseases (the COVID, influenza, and RSV trifecta) are currently on the upswing, sometimes described as surging (depends on where you are, but it's a consistent trend at home and internationally).

Most would suggest it's wise to make sure you're as protected as you can be just for your own health, comfort and chances at having a successful trip, even without any hard, official entry requirements. Getting COVID while traveling (in Europe or anywhere) isn't as much of a life-threatening showstopper as it was pre-vaccines - for most folks who have some degree of protection, it's just an ugly, annoying inconvenience. For those with no natural protection from a previous infection, vaccination history (or no updates) it's a greater risk. It's worth keeping in mind that we are all sharing air when in crowded places (and when we travel, that's a lot of the time). But ultimately, it's your call.

Take care and have a good trip.

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We were in Europe in September 2022 and twice last year (2023), in England, Italy and Switzerland.

Nowhere were we asked to show proof of vaccination. In September 2022 and March 2023, we were asked to wear masks on the trains, and at some hotel breakfast buffets, but nowhere else. In September 2023 no masks were required anywhere. Some people do still wear them in crowded situations. We do.

It is a good idea, as David said, to make sure your covid vaccinations are up to date. The virus is definitely still around. We both caught it in Italy in September 2022, but thanks to our pre-trip vaccination neither of us felt ill. My husband, however, still feels the effects of long covid (fatigue upon exercise), and I have yet to get my sense of taste back fully.

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One of the biggest perils at the moment is Measles because of many parents not vaccinating their children.

Both in Europe and in the UK there are explosive jumps in cases.

If the children haven't been Measles vaccinated it would be wise before travelling over here. That's separate from being up to date from Flu and Covid too for the adults.

Nobody will check but there is plenty of each circulating here. I was surprised to hear that in England for example that something between 70 and 80 percent of reported Measles cases are having to go to hospital.

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I think it's a perfectly reasonable question & the posters above have added some interesting details. I'm just going to assume you mean end of 2024? Ah, I now see from your other post you mean January 2025! I would look at the requirements about 2 months ahead in case they change, who knows.

You can have a look on the United website (I find it easier to understand than CDC) to find out about restrictions flying into your destinations in Europe.

On to practicalities - We just got back from 8 days in Rome over NY, many people were coughing and sneezing everywhere we went AND Italians have gone back to kissing people on both cheeks if they've met you before! This happened to us a few times revisiting restaurants where we had chatted with the staff & I kept thinking I was glad to be fully vaccinated, including RSV & flu. AND the airplane was full of sickies flying back to Sweden, not a mask in sight. So I guess it's a Buyer Beware situation. We both caught the flu after getting home, (I think it was that waitress!!)

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I have been to Scotland and Italy within the last year and have not been asked to show vaccination records.