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Passports and times

So we all know that they are taking forever. Applied in April and was told 10-13 weeks. Pretty right on when you factor in the mailing times...they were sent by us on April 14 and recvd on April 18th.

We did sign up for the notice about "where they were in the processing - and never heard anything via email....YMMV

We got them back with a valid date of July 20 and they showed up on July 16. Fourteen weeks, but I guess 13 if you factor in the mailing times...

I am so glad we thought to get them done early! Oh, and they did not send the others back, though we had wanted them....oh well.

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Good to hear that you got them back. My old passports have always been returned separately. So they may show up in the next few weeks. Interesting about the validity date. I’ve always lost a few days but no big deal.

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I agree with Rocket. The old passports are sent separately, usually from a different location, so don't be surprised if you get something in a few weeks.

So happy your new passports came!

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We received our old passports two months after receiving the new ones. I had just about given up, but they finally came. (This was last year).

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Our old passports came back about 14 days after the new ones - this was last month.

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My husband just received his, 8 weeks, start to finish. We paid express mail both directions, and the passport expedite fee. I would rather not have paid extra, but didn't want to take the chance of it not arriving in time for our next trip.

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And I DID get the old ones returned this week, so about a week after the 14 weeks it took to get the new passports. Happy to have them back and looking forward to our next RS tour - though we have a trip on our own to Madrid this November. Just makes me feel better to have them here as an extra form of ID if nothing else!

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Just fyi...I mailed my passport renewal July expediting, just regular mail. Received the new one today. Nine weeks. Not too bad!