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FYI - US Website Access from Europe and 404 Forbidden

I may not be very well edutated or wealthy, but I am a registered professional in a state in the US. And to maintain my professional license I am required to do continuing education each year.

As usual I wait for the last possible week and then try and cram in 12 hours of education into a few days. Being in Europe this time I went to log into the continuing education provider website to begin my lessons and lo and behold "404 Forbidden" cause I am using a European internet service.

Holly sheep poop! I have two days to get this done! Sure I could install a VPN really quick .... if i knew how or could do anything quick.

Or I can simply sign out of the Wifi and set up my US phone as a Hot Spot and sign into that. My 12 hours now completed.

Any time you get the "Forbidden" unexpectedly it is possible that they have blocked non-US internet access. If you traveled with a US phone and an international Data Plan you are still okay. If you bought a European chip when you got here, well .................

My US phone also means I can watch US Netflix (which is only slightly different than European Netflix which I can watch from any internet source with my US account) and access some news content not available for download here.

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I had a similar problem in the UK last week. Changed my VPN to Atlanta, problem solved

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Installing a VPN can be as easy as downloading an app.

I'm sitting at JFK airport in NY waiting for a flight. This website was not allowing me to post anything. I turned on my VPN and everything was fine.

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if i knew how or could do anything quick.

Apparently you can at least do 12 hours of continuing education quick…. 🤣

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You’d be amazed how fast I can do 40 hours of CPE. 😂

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Carol, I dont want to confess what I do. But I do conform the the requirements of the law and I do learn some in the process and that is the intent of the law.

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You mean like when at work every year you had to watch the harassment videos. People, not me of course, would log on, do something else, click once in awhile, always pick C for the answers, and be done.

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Barbara, we had to do harassment training in person and were required to sign in.