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Samsung SmartTag thingies...need help!!!

Here is the situation:

Just about everyone I know uses Apple phones (and therefore the "AirTags" for stuff like tracking luggage, dogs, etc.)
My hubby has always insisted that our household be Samsung (thereby Droid) users. NO WAY are we changing to Apples, he tells me.

So, fast-forward to now: My "Apple" sister, friends, etc. recommend getting AirTags for keeping track of checked (or lost) luggage....but we are "droid" everyone just glazes over and says, "oh."

My husband tells me that the Samsung equivalent only works for maybe 100 yards. Is he right?

Huh? I asked.

He tells me that for Apple AirTags, they use the grid/network/web.. whatever you want to call it.... that everyone else's Apple phones provide to form the tracking (I will call it a) network to be able to communicate location of said AirTags. And, he tells me Samsung does not do that, thereby the "range" or distance of tracking is not good....he thinks only 100 yards+/--.

Is that true?

If so, that sounds like one sitting on a plane could tell if said luggage is on the same place...or left in the terminal. But, the traveler would not be able to otherwise know his/her luggage is sitting in DC when one is landing in Atlanta???

I went on line to look at the Samsung SmartTag site and reviews, but other than some poor reviews, this is not exactly spelled out.

Surely one (or several) of you techy, knowledgeable types can help this ole Boomer....and it is fine to say "Okay, Boomer..................."

Thanks in advance.

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Well, I'm a boomer Android user, and I used a Tile thingy for the first time recently.
It didn't seem to see my bag at Heathrow, though I didn't check other than immediately off the plane.
However, a few weeks later I used the luggage forwarding service on the Norway in a Nutshell trip, and it saw my luggage at the end hotel when I was still hours away.
So, maybe?
I think I read that is does also use the other androids thing, but maybe there are less out there.

I hope this wasn't totally useless. 😁

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Thank you. That is helpful...any bit of info is helpful as we try to "piece this" all together.

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This might help (or not)

I'm an Android user too and as I understand it, the specialty for Tile is finding items in the immediate area, not really long distances. There is supposed to be a feature similar to the Airtag to geolocate farther away, but it is not as robust as the Apple ecosystem. So you'd probably be able to tell if your luggage was on the plane with you, but not where it is in DC where it was left behind.

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I also have an Android phone, and none of the trackers for them get very good reviews.
I’m wondering if getting an Apple one anyway , and using my IPad to track it would work?
Or can you only use an Apple phone for tracking?
Has anyone tried with an IPad?

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If you have T-Mobile, check out the SyncUP Tracker. Since we were packing rain gear and extra hiking shoes on our most recent trip, we had to check our bags. So for my peace of mind, I bought 2 SyncUP trackers. They saved me from obsessing about lost luggage during our flights, but by the time I found my phone in my carry-on, our bags were rolling on the carousel in front of us.

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Ya'll are great.......this is exactly the experience/feedback we seeking.......and I am having my husband read these, too.

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I have an Android phone and an iPad, and yes, the iPad tracks Airtags just fine! Of course you have to be on wifi, but it definitely works!

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I have been wondering and researching all of the above too. I am an Android user. The best I can tell, the "tile" only works if there are other tiles nearby, somewhat like the old "telephone" game. It uses relays off other tiles. Very disappointing as I hate Apple products. But if my suitcase is in Atlanta and I am in Oslo, I want to know when my bags are! Perhaps they only answer is to buy an iPhone (yuck) and use it. I would have hoped that Android would have been updated by this time. I am still w.a.i.t.i.n.g!

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Thank you, AbbyO……I may try this out in December!
Flying BA, and a friend who just arrived here from Scotland on BA last week did not get her bag for 4 days.

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Yes, the airtags work with the Ipad. We are in zagreb and one of our suitcases is in Rijeka. The Ipad I am using now tells me, yes, one is here and one is exactly where we left it.

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Certainly not a member of the Apple cult but this article will explain Airtags --

Article from 2021 comparing the stalker trackers --

From the above linked article

Out-of-range, the SmartTag Plus relies on other Galaxy devices that have chosen to participate in Samsung’s Galaxy Find network — Galaxy phone users aren’t opted in by default, and need to give consent in the SmartThings app. 

I've certainly not opted-in and appreciate that it's not default.

New Samsung Smarttag design to include ultra-wideband (UWB) connectivity --

Personally it's all a bit creepy. Trackers are not going to reduce the small chance that your checked bag doesnt make its flight. You're in Paris your checked bag is still in NYC and you're not going to get your bag any sooner. But hey atleast you're a consumer and bought a product.

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Trackers are not going to reduce the small chance that your checked bag doesnt make its flight. You're in Paris your checked bag is still in NYC and you're not going to get your bag any sooner.

True. But if your bag does not appear on the carousel, it would be helpful to know if it is somewhere in CDG or still in NYC so that you can move on as necessary.

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Thank you all. This is EXACTLY the info/experience we were seeking.

I am always praising the Rick Steves Forum to my husband, and he agrees that you all are a great resource of info.

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Tiles and Air Tags work the same way. Both are dependent on other people's devices to work. I'm counting on other Andoid phones if I need to locate my Tile tags remotely.

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Your husband is right; the tags made for Android don't travel far. But your sister could be the one to track your suitcase using her Mac, if you want. You could just contact her if your suitcase doesn't show up.

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What Bets said is right and is thinking outside the box. You can pair your AirTag with any Apple account you want. It just adds a layer of communication for you, but would work fine if your family member agrees.

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I have absolutely nothing to add about the tags/tiles; but I admire your husbands stance on Android/Apple.

Myself, I have all Android devices, but I do invest money heavily in Apple (biggest share of my portfolio). Any company that can convince buyers to get a new overpriced device, or devices, each year, plus spend for every little perk or service, makes a good profit.

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Bets, oh my gosh....why didn't we think of that!?! Yes, a solution for sure.

The trip we had hoped to use such on was in October, but good knowledge/idea to have for any future trip. And, I am sure my sister would be glad to be our "luggage locator hero."

Luckily for our October trip, our tour company oversaw our luggage, even with a Luggage Manager position on staff and a Loadmaster, who oversaw luggage being put on the plane (after we arrived by our independent Southwest flight), so we were truly, seriously spoiled on that particular trip. But, we will be "totally on our own" for any future trips, so I sincerely appreciate this excellent thought, Bets!!!! Though, the same logic would apply to anything on one's home collar, etc.

Love this Forum.....when the brains of good people come together, there is (almost) always a solution!