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Oh, no! Our dog years ago loved the flies that my husband had tied for fly fishing. One abdominal surgery later. . .

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I was going to guess that the dog that ate the AirTag was a Golden Retriever since they eat everything;) I was wrong, but still will keep our AirTags away from our Goldens! I never really thought about it, but one is a counter surfer so I better make sure I don't leave one within reach.

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Um, just last night I found one of my hearing aids on the floor. No doubt, the kitty was curious and must have licked the aid out from the charger. She is a very cautious cat and is a very picky eater; they weren’t damaged in any way.

I was relieved to find the aid so easily and yea, the aids will now be charged while in a drawer - safely away from curious cats.