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Phone call question

Hoping to get a clear answer to this as I can’t seem to find it anywhere and I’m having trouble getting this to work. What is the process for calling from a US iPhone with a Verizon international plan from Europe to an IPhone in the US? Do you need to enter + 1 then the area code & number? Just 1 and then the area code and number? Just the area code and number? Just call by clicking on the number in your contacts? None of these methods seem to work consistently. Thanks.

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I use the Verizon international plan and always just click on the contact and the call magically connects. That is the beauty of paying that $100 to Verizon for the inter. plan. The phone works just as it does when you're at home.

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Just call by clicking on the number in your contacts

Make sure the number in your contacts is aligned with the correct country field ie it should be USA.

That's it really.

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I do just what Carrie does although I've just used the $10/day plan previously.

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I read to hit zero twice because I needed ++
that worked for me with ATT.
I'm no expert!

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Ditto what Carrie and Pam do with Verizon’s International Plan.

Rarely, very rarely make a call.

Learned years ago to use WhatsApp.

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My former AT&T iPhone and now my T-mobile iPhone are smart enough to add the +1 for me if I call a contact.

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I wouldn't click on the link in rhola b's post just above until the Webmaster has given it the smell test