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Eurail Pass on tablet

Can anyone speak to their experience of using their Eurail Pass on a tablet instead of a phone? I would think a tablet is easier to see and read than a small cell phone. Eurail has told me that some folks have trouble getting the scanner on trains to read from a tablet but I have also read that many/most trains in Germany, Austria, Czech, & Poland (which is where we will primarily be) don't require a scan, they only require the conductor to see the screen.
Has anybody had a particularly negative or strongly positive experience with the Eurail Pass on tablet?

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Well, first, you can save it to both. And if so some reason, the phone image doesn't work, just pull out the tablet.

However, if you're bring the tablet for the sole purpose of making sure the code can be scanned, I would advise against it. For one thing, anyone can enlarge an image on a phone that needs to be scanned. That happens to me sometimes, and all you do is pinch it out with your finger and thumb. I'm sure the conductor is aware of that. And as you said, there are many trains where they will just look at it and not scan it.

It's not worth it, imo. But as I said, if you're bringing the tablet anyway, it's easy enough to store it on both electronically.

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We used a German Rail pass during our two week trip to Germany this past December. It was in the Rail Planner on my iPhone. No problems for bought the pas the conductor to scan the image. Just a note about being sure to validate your pass online before the first use and to follow through on all the prompts to be sure each trip is recorded against your number of travel days. We bought the pass through Rail Europe.