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USB-C charger and cables for Italy?

We are trying to reduce the number of plug adaptors, charges, and cables we need to carry. We will have 2 iPhones and 2 iPads, only one of which (the newest iPad) is C to C. The others have Lightning plugs and we usually use regular USB-A to Lightening for them. But I don’t know why they would not work with USB-C charger to Lightning cables.

We have previously carried an Anker charger with multiple ports that we use in the US, so it needs a plug adaptor for EU countries. We would like something simpler.

Is there any reason we could not use a charger with all USB-C ports, hopefully with an Italian plug, but maybe with a US plug and adaptor for Italy? I know the voltage is different between US and EU equipment, but doesn’t the charger handle that?

Thanks for your help. You can tell I am pretty clueless about all this.

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You can certainly use C-Lightning to charge the phones—it’ll be much faster, too.

In addition to my iPhone and C-chargeing iPad, I still have a couple things that need USB-A/MicroUSB. This is what I travel with (and a plug adapter, of course):

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We just take our regular phone cables and purchase a charger/transformer at a sundry shop after getting there. It just has to have the correct plug for the country you're going to visit. We also have a European light bar with a bunch of USB ports built in.