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AI trip planning? Thrifty Traveler reported on "Roam Around"

You put in the destination , dates, and number of days and a suggested itinerary pops up. Not sure that this is for me, but it might be a great help to someone who isn't sure really where to start. The website is

I've edited my post here. I had listed the results that came up when I inputted London, but someone down thread shared that this might be in violation of community guidelines. The results tended to list one to two attractions a day as well as neighborhoods to explore. Some of the activities I would do and some I would not. I did think that it provided an option for trip planning that might at least give a few ideas.

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I tried it for Bologna in January. Not a bad itinerary for many people, but too much food activities and restaurant recommendations for me...and it suggested a garden picnic one it doesn't take dates fully into consideration. With that in mind, I also tried Munich in December and not one mention about Christmas Markets.
It has some way to go yet.

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I wouldn't do Tate Modern or Changing of Guard, but I liked the rest of the itinerary. It should have recommended tea at Wolseley.

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I assume it's just scraping the data off of trip advisor, and then amalgamating the top rated sites into the prerequisite number of days. A good first start, but just a one trick pony for now, perhaps this AI service will be bought out by a larger travel site and incorporated into their website.

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I was very surprised that talking about AI was not allowed on the forum so I made a quick double check of community guidelines. Here is what I found....Creating posts with automated technologies such as bots, ChatGPT, or other forms of AI are prohibited

So now I am a bit torn. I referred to an AI technology on the technology forum, but I created my own post. Do you think quoting the results constitutes creating the post? Not wanting to break community guidelines, but I was mostly wanting to share about this resource. I've gone back and edited my original post so that it doesn't contain any of the content from the AI site just to play it safe.

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I’m reading it to mean that if you see a post asking for an itinerary and the YOU create an itinerary for them off an AI, that is what they don’t want happening.

Right or wrong?

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First I tried Paris, because I'm heading there soon. The itinerary was ok. Typical. Then I tried NYC, my home city. The itinerary suggested going to the Met on a day it's not open. Many of the suggestions were geographically absurd.

At least it didn't suggest going to "Ground Zero."

My review: I, too, can write down names of typical tourist spots, shake them up in a hat, and arrange them in a pretty pattern.

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Carol, in the posts about AI that Andrew has responded to, he said that as long as it’s about travel, he doesn’t have a problem with it. It’s only if the post gets into other issues that come up with AI, that there would be a problem. This post should be fine.

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Patty's got it right. We're OK with the OP's post. This thread is about using this AI tool. That's in bounds.

If you're using the AI tool's outputs to provide answers or give advice in our forum, that's out of bounds. We need humans giving accurate advice, not AI attempts at distilling the internet into advice.

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Curiosity got the better of me. Entered Paris for 5 days next month. One of the things suggested was a guided tour of Notre Dame. A suggestion for another city was to visit a museum that has been closed for many, many months and will continue to be closed until 2024. So much for the intelligence part of AI.

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Well for Carlisle, Cumbria-
Day 1 is fine
Day 2 is the Roman Army Museum and Carlisle Cathedral
Day 3 is Hike Hadrian's Wall (having been there on Day 2) and tour Carlisle Racecourse (good luck with that non existent tour)
Day 4 is the Border Reivers Cycle Trail (that is only 170 miles long) and an Indoor Climbing Centre (we're on the edge of the Lake District here, folks, so why go indoor climbing).

So I put in Whitehaven in West Cumbria
Day 1 (21 March)- St Nicholas' Church and Muncaster Castle (that should be scintillating- both are closed that day) +Beacon Museum (tick). Evening dine at the Quince and Medlar, Whitehaven (no it's not, it's in Cockermouth)
Day 2- LDNP and Rum Story (well you'd better rush back from your walk as it's an hours drive back, 2 hours + on the bus and the Rum Story last admission is at 3pm). Dine at a non existent restaurant.
Day 3- Ennerdale Water Guided walk (the lake's fine but I don't know about guided walks, and I live 4 miles away) and the Beacon Portal Gateway (good luck with that- it's a conference centre, next to the Museum we went to on Day 1). Dine at the Waterfront (good luck there- permanently closed). Maybe they mean Zest Harbourside.
Day 4- Take a trip to the Coast (where do you think we've been all week?)- to the Ravenglass Railway and St Bees Priory (hurrah, actually open). Dine at the Globe Restaurant - good luck there, it's an ordinary pub in the nearby village of Hensingham .

This is utter idiocy. Better idea I'll take you to places that actually exist and are open. I know the area. It's nowhere near 'Intelligence'- more like rank incompetence.

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Cala - I used to love tea at the Wolseley but after our last experience in November, I just cannot go back. Service was absolutely terrible and at those prices, I expect better.

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I did a six day for London next March, mirroring the time I just got back from 6 days in London, and:
Day 1: Close to what I did, we did something different for dinner, a lot closer. (it's funny because Rick connects the Tower of London with Westminster via boat, while I thought walking to St. Pauls would be better, and the AI agrees with me).
Day 2: I wonder about doing the Abbey the morning after you did the St. Paul's the previous afternoon. This is my quibble, as I like to space out similar major sites... art museums, palaces, and big ass churches.
Day 3-6: We only intersect on two more sites, three if you count Kew Garden, which we canceled because everything interesting to my wife was closed.

It's not the worst place to start, and might be clever for restaurants, though most of them are not really located close to the sights you're closing with. Great if you're cabbing all over, not necessarily good if you're on the toe heel express, and want something easier.

It asked if it could change anything for me, and I said "Most history and art" (meant to type "more"), and it's head exploded. Simplified to "Remove Changing of the Guard" which it processed for a bit, and then ignored. I put in "remove buckingham palace" which condensed it to five days, from six. Asked it to make it more walkable, and it did, kind of. Day 2 changed the walk after the Abbey, but it's not necessarily more walkable.

Needs a bit more work, but interesting to aggregate and assemble the top sites on wherever. Thanks for the share.

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I view it as “ crib notes.” Old school researcher here. Rather use the search engine on this website as well as head to a library or a Barnes and Nobles to look at RS, Lonely Planet, Nat Geo and Rough Guides.

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Like all this IT stuff, AI will evolve and mature and refine itself and then turn into the norm. Humans are too unpredictable.