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Mounting Airtag?

I will be heading to Europe in a few weeks.I will be checking two bags and have a carry-on for the overhead bin. As a precaution, I bought four Apple Airtags and that brings my question:

There are mounting devices to hold the Airtag. Do you mount them to the outside of your suitcase or inside? I have hard suitcases. Mounting them to the outside would give a stronger signal, but I would be concerned that they would be ripped off during the luggage transportation and loading.

Any advice is appreciated

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YOu can search for the topic of using "AirTags in luggage" on the google; tons of practical advice. Most put them inside (they do no good if the AirTag somehow gets pulled off the bag) but there are plenty of secure hanging luggage tags on the market that have discrete slots for the devices. They work well inside the bag. Heck, some bags even have slots built into them now.

I strongly urge you to learn how to get them paired with your phones and to use the FindMy app by practicing with AirTags at home. Send one shopping while you track it. Be sure you understand the limitations of the devices.

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There’s no need to mount it on the case. Following advice on this forum, I just put mine in an envelope inside my case and it worked perfectly to reassure me when my bag didn’t make my change of plane. It was great to be able to see where it was until it caught up to me.

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Some people actually hide the Apple airtag inside their suitcase, in the event that someone actually steals your suitcase you don’t want them to easily find the airtag. Airtags are becoming common and thieves now look for them, best to make it difficult to find until you can track it down.

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I bought one AirTag for my trip to Germany last week and didn’t buy any holder for it. I put it in a small zippered compartment inside my Pullman valise and that did the trick.

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I just used duct tape and taped it out of the way inside the bag. More concerned about losing it than it being removed.

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I bought the ‘key ring’ and attached it to the inside zipper pull in my suitcase. We’re in Spain and it works great.

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My suitcase has a lining that can be unzipped to access the extendable handle mechanism. I'm planning to unzip the lining and duct-tape my airtag to the inside of the suitcase.