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GoPro vs Camera

I have a good SLR camera with multiple lens that I use for photo and video while traveling. I do about 50/50 photo and video and often switch lens (wide angle to telephoto). Frankly, my kit has become too large to carry. Either my back or my nech aches after a few days on the road.

Has anyone transitioned from SLR to GoPro for travel video and are you satisfied with the results?

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I only take a GoPro if I am planning to be in the water. It's such a wide angle that I don't find it useful as a general purpose camera.

Have you thought about a Sony RX100? Folks who have it, love it.

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A Gopro is as mentioned a very special kind of camera and I agree that the wide angle lens make it more or less useless as a general travel camera if you plan to take photos as well. How about a good compact camera or a mirrorless option?

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I changed from a large SLR to a petite Canon SLR m50 with a f2 22m pancake lens and a small speedlight flash for filling in. Flash and extra lenses are optional and it depends on what I'm doing on the day. For extra lenses, I carry a zoom lens and a telephoto lenses, and also a 11-22m wide lens (and they're all much smaller than the normal canon lenses). For video, I use my iPhone 13 sometimes with a gimble but often just handheld it. For night pictures, I just take the iPhone.

I didn't hear good things from the latest GoPros although I suggest you look for reviews and such.

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The most difficult transition you may have from your SLR,is not having a viewfinder. Really bugs me. Buy a cheap,gopro knockoff for $50 and mess around with it for a few weeks to see if you can stand it. Start looking for point’n’shoot travel cameras.

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Second the recommendation for the Sony RX100 vii. Far better than a GoPro for general travel and perfect for a 50/50 photo video split.

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the complaint about Gopro does seem to be the fisheye effect, you might watch some train vlogs and see them in action