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T Mobile 3 month free trial

It seems that T mobile has many happy custom on the forum. Ease of use and keeping a US number offers added convenience over getting a local SIM in Europe. if you have a phone that is eSIM capable then you can try out the domestic service for free. Gives you a chance to see if the service works well for your needs and in your area. Please do read through the terms and conditions.

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Thanks, Rocket.
I suspect this offer is in response to T-Mobile's unwelcome publicity of a recent and massive security breech, affecting most (all?) customers' accounts. Don't know if they could have addressed the cause(s) so quickly, but this offer is tempting.

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The "Network Pass" which is the 3 month free trial doesn't allow for international service as I'm trying now in the U.S. They charge from $5 and up for international coverage with the free plan. I haven't asked if this is available in Europe. The Magenta Max 55+ plan is $45 per line for a two line minimum with no contract, so you can cancel upon return and has free international phone, data and text up to 40GB of hotspot data. Our other plan charges $10/day for international coverage with major caps on data. Our trip is for 20 days and with two devices it doesn't make any sense to do otherwise.